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Thursday, October 11, 2007

An Octogenarian, Septuagenarian and a murder weapon

In a dramatic turn of events as relates to the murder of Gareth Grant, Gardai this week arrested an elderly couple from St. Marys Park as part of the investigation. The arrests came as Gardai performed follow up searches in the area the day after the brutal death of grant. The woolly hat brigade were rounded up around 8pm Tuesday night.

It was from these searches that Gardai believe they have recovered the weapon used in the murder. The semi automatic pistol is currently being scrutinised by the Garda forensics division in Dublin as they try to work out just who the trigger happy scumbag at the other end of the gun was.

The elderly couple who are directly related to a the 20 year old man who was arrested hours after the murder itself , spent the night in Garda custody before all three were released without charge. A file is being prepped to be sent to the DPP.

It’s good to Talk

The murder was a perfect opportunity for local politicians to holler at us one more time. John Gilligan got stuck in double time responding to claims that the Army may be called in to undermine.. no sorry ... support Gardai in their effort to fight the plague stating the possibility of army deployment in d’island would be simply a “knee jerk reaction” while Kevin Kiely raised the issue of 50 more Gardai that are still owed to the city based on the recommendations of the Fitzgerald report. And don’t forget Maurice Quinlivan who sends out a press release every time someone farts.

Look I don’t know about you but all these solutions have been suggested before and I doubt any of them will ever work. This may be a job for a true hero, someone with Superhuman strength, speed and stamina and don’t forget the ability of Matter transmutation. Yes none other than Captain Planet.

Because the way things are spiralling, someday only someone whose body is composed mainly of a crystal compound could ever stop these scumbags from shooting each other dead on the street.

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