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Friday, November 14, 2008

Channel 4 admits murder story inaccuracy

English broadcaster Channel 4 has been forced to apologise on air after it reported inaccurately that 16 people had died in gang related killings in the last year in Limerick.

The inaccuracy aired on Tuesday night last on satellite channel More4, as the broadcaster covered the brutal killing of innocent Limerick man Shane Geoghegan.

The channel was contacted by Laura Ryan of the Limerick Co-Ordination Office immediately following the airing of the report and an on air apology was promised.

In the apology which aired last night, the public-service broadcaster acknowledged it had inadvertently done a disservice to the people of Limerick saying,

“We suggested there had been 16 organised crime related murders in the city this year - well there haven't. That figure is actually an estimate for the entire country, and we're happy to make that clarification.”
The channel has also removed the story from their website however NewsWire managed to track down the video of the report which can be seen below.(They're still hosting it)
UPDATE: Not anymore, clip removed

On Tuesday a New Zealand Press Association report, in an attempt to explain to its rugby fans what is happening in Limerick stated that “Turf wars between the McCarthy-Dundon gang and the rival Keane/Collopy faction have intensified on Limerick's Kilteragh estate since late 2006.”

Also checkout this New Zealand Herald blog entry “The ugly side of Limerick

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