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Thursday, June 22, 2006

Major city centre refurbishment proposed

A very interesting story on the front of the Limerick Post this evening in which a proposal for a major refurbishment of a drab area of the city centre is unveiled.

Michael Tiernan, a developer has been talking to the paper in which he outlines his vision for the regeneration of an area of eight acres in the city centre.

His vision involves the demolition of Roches Stores, Penneys and Burger King, the demolition of Arthur’s Quay Shopping Centre, an unoccupied premise on Liddy Street and Dunnes Stores on Sarsfield Street. Even the tourist office isn’t safe.

His plans also involve the acquisition of the park at Arthur’s Quay. Roches Stores, Penneys, Dunnes, Tesco and Burger King have all given there full support to the project which would see the development of an underground road from Lower Henry Street to Rutland Street to facilitate the pedestrianisation of Upper Patrick Street and Lower O’Connell Street, would include a major civic square as well as a number of civic spaces, a quayside boardwalk, new theatre/concert hall and the relocation of the city library from the Granary.

Speaking to the Limerick Post, Developer Mr. Tiernan said,

"It would be hoped that our development would be the catalyst for an imaginative regeneration of Nicholas Street and present a historically unique opportunity to transform the centre of Limerick city and will enable it to become once again the civic and retail heartland of the entire region, particularly given the enthusiasm of the stakeholders”.

He went on to say,

"This is a one in a 200-year opportunity to completely transform, enhance and extend the city centre for the people of Limerick and the challenge is to empower the vision we have to make this possible. Our aim is to focus on what the people want and our ambition is to go to planning next year and with a phased development process, achieve completion by 2010.”

However Cllr Michael Hourigan has raised concerns that there may be problems with the rezoning of Arthur’s Quay Park.

A very interesting proposal in the whole and well worth a read.

The old Dunnes Stores on Sarsfield Street

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