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Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Limerick Fire Officer speaks on attacks

The Assistant Chief Fire officer at Limerick City Fire station has said today that Limerick Firemen have born the brunt of many attacks and has praised new measures being introduced to protect the emergency services from attacks.

By the end of the summer FIRE and ambulance crews are to be issued with stab vests and given defensive training after a spate of vicious attacks against them.

ACFO David Spillett told the Limerick Independent newspaper today that there has been numerous problems in latter years and there have been attacks on men and equipment .He also estimated that Limerick firemen get attacked in some shape or form about once a month.

Speaking on the new measures being taken to protect emergency crews Mr Spillett said it will certainly be of assistance because laws aren’t strict enough. It’s not good enough that people going out to serve the public are attacked.

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