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Sunday, June 18, 2006

Steamboat Quay is "Little Amsterdam" says Activist


Another individual has raised his concerns as to the condition and goings-on down at the Limerick Docks.

Weeks after this rant by Senator Pat Kennedy, a RSF activist is now dubbing the newly refurbished Docklands, “Little Amsterdam”.

Republican Sinn Fein activist Mick Ryan has said that Steamboat Quay deserves this name due to the alleged levels of Prostitution and drugs abuse that is going on in the area.

He spoke to a Limerick Newspaper this week saying,

“There are luxury apartments and up market restaurants in the area but people are now afraid to walk by the Quay because of this awful activity. People are being approached by drug pushers and young girls engaged in sexual activity in the vicinity"
He has urged Limerick City Council to take action and to close down “Little Amsterdam”

In late May Senator Pat Kennedy told a city council meeting that a female resident of a new complex in the area had two drunk men call to her door asking her if her flat was a brothel.

The Gardai have refused to comment on the claims that the docklands is turning into a hotbed of vice.

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