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Thursday, June 15, 2006

Neighbours dispute leads to stabbing

A few more details are emerging about the stabbing which took place last Saturday in St. Mary’s Park.

As reported first by The NewsWire a woman was stabbed on Saturday afternoon after a row with a neighbour in St Bridgets Ave.

The Limerick Independent reports today that the woman who was stabbed was 65 year old and the attacker was a 23 year old man. It’s now believed that the two, who live next to each other, were in a dispute after the young man repeatedly knocked on the wall joining their two houses.

Gardai who arrived on scene arrested the man and immediately brought him to the psychiatric unit of the Mid Western Regional Hospital where he is still being held to date.

It has also been revealed that the elderly women was stabbed a total of five times but all of her wounds were superficial. She was brought to hospital but was released later that day.

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