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Monday, June 12, 2006

Palaskenry Protesters appear in court

Most of the Palaskenry Protesters including a Limerick County Councilor have escaped jail after they appeared in court today to explain why they breached an order handed down to them to cease their protest at the white line in Palaskenry.

The protesters were named as Patrick Culhane, a local farmer, Orla Kieser mother of two young children, Pensioner Tommy Clarke and Noreen Ryan who is a Limerick County Councilor all appeared this morning. A fifth man, Donal O Brien could not attend as he his currently in hospital.

Three of the four in court today gave an undertaking that they would not in future interfere with the construction process however mother Orla kieser stood up in court and said she could not give an undertaking that she would not protest at the “white line” again.

A small contingent of Palaskenry residents sitting in the public gallery then burst into applause.

The judge had no choice but to adjourn the case against her until this Thursday June 15th.

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