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Monday, June 12, 2006

Riddler's Pub fined for after hours drinking

The owner of the city centre pub Riddler’s has been fined a total of €1,500 during a court case today.

Dave Dineen, the licence holder heard evidence against him today of how he twice allowed alcohol to be served after hours on his premises.

Firstly on July 18th 2005, Gardai inspected the pub at 2.30am to find 15 people still in the building.

Then on November 7, 2005 the Gardai again inspected the premises at 4.25am to find 12 people in the public house.

The publicans silicitor said that there was no explanation for the first incident but the second incident involved mostly staff drinking.Judge Tom O Donnell fined Mr Dineen €750 for each incident.

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