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Saturday, June 17, 2006

Conmen back selling "laptops" again

Conmen pretending to sell laptop computers have struck twice again on Limerick streets.

On June 7th two men approached a man on Cruises street asking him did he want to buy a laptop. He was brought into a car where he was driven to Arthur’s Quay. It was here that he incredibly handed over €650 to these complete strangers for his new laptop. When he exited the car and the scum drove off, he was shocked to find when he opened the case, that it contained two Argos catalogues.

Last Monday the duo struck again. The two men managed to convince a man to hand over €550 and his mobile phone in exchange for this “new laptop”. Unfortunately when the scumbags had fled the man opened his laptop case to also find two Argos catalogues. This incident happened on William Street.

Speaking to the Limerick Leader this week, Sgt Liam Sheehan said

People should realise they are not going to get a bargain from a complete stranger-especially one who offers you a laptop on the side of the street.

This isn’t the first time these scum have struck. Last year victims discovered all sorts of things in their new “laptop case” including milk cartons, newspapers, cardboard and magazines.

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