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Sunday, January 28, 2007

Knockalisheen flats being demolished

The disused Knockalisheen flats , which were in the news recently due to the anti social and illegal activities going on there, are finally being demolished.

A huge fire ripped through the flats mid January gutting a section of the premises and prompting residents and councilors to call for their complete demolition.

Speaking at the demolition site, one of those who called for the action, Sinn Fein’s Maurice Quinlivan said,

“Today’s demolition of the flats on Knockalisheen Avenue is very welcome. Local people have spoken to me of their sense “of relief” that the flats have finally been removed. The vacant flats were being used for Anti-Social behaviour and drug misuse. Whilst the City council have belatedly lived up to their responsibility in having these flats removed it is a pity that there weren’t removed before the fires of the last few weeks.”

He also called on the Council to consult with the local community on what plans are envisaged for the vacant site,

“It is essential that any plans developed for the site has local support. It is however very worrying that 3 years after the City council first approached local residents with news that the flats would need to be vacated and demolished there are no plans in the public domain for what would go in their place.”

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