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Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Elderly woman swindled out of €13,000

An elderly county Limerick woman has parted ways with €13,000 after she fell for a Lottery scam emanating from Spain.

The woman was sent a letter saying she had won close to a million euro.After responding to the letter she was asked for her bank account details along with payments to secure her prize.

Sgt. Liam Sheehan at Henry Street has more,

"These lotteries are a scam, your not going to win 615,000 which is the figure that is usually stated in the post, just out of the blue like that.All i can say is do not correspond with these people.Do not give bank account details and certainly do not send any money over to them to speed up the transaction.Throw the letter in the bin"

Henry Street Gardai have launched an investigation into the situation.

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