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Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Local councillor outraged over Garda deployment

A local councillor has described as outrageous the posting of just five new Gardai to the Limerick division.

254 new Gardai passed out of Templemore last Friday with Limerick City receiving just 5 of the new recruits and none being stationed in the county.

Cllr Jim Long spoke of his outrage,
“We had the Minister for Justice Mr McDowell boasting in Templemore last Friday that these 254 gardaí were the first of the extra numbers he had approved to build the force to 15,000. Now we find that just 2% of the entire number has been sent to stations in Limerick city. And not a single new garda was sent to a station in the county. What’s going on here?”
Full Story in today’s Examiner

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