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Wednesday, January 31, 2007

€2.9m settlement at High Court

A man who received a severe brain injury during his birth at a Limerick hospital has received €2.9m at the High Court today.

Jordan Byrne had sued the Maternity Hospital after his mother claimed staff at the the hospital failed to properly monitor her blood pressure during the pregnancy and causing her to suffer eclamptic fits back in 1984.

Mr. Byrne was born by Caesarean section seven weeks premature on that day. The Byrne family also claims that he was over ventilated at birth and these incidents caused him a severe brain injury.

The court was told he is a bright, alert young man but that the injury had left him permanently mentally and physically handicapped and he will remain dependant and in need of constant care and medical attention.
He was awarded 2.9m by Mr. Justice John Quirke. The hospital still denies any negligence.

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