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Sunday, October 28, 2007

Brian Fitzgerald Murder Trial

The First Week

26 year old Dessie Dundon, his 22 year old brother John Dundon , 24 year old Gary Campion and 50 year old Clare businessman Anthony Kelly appeared in court Monday last as their long awaited murder trial got underway.

Amid tight security described as a ring of steal around Cloverhill prison, the prosecution outlined how it would prove to the jury of 12 men this week that the four accused were involved and planned the murder of former Doc’s bouncer Brian Fitzgerald on November 29th, 2002, at Brookhaven Walk, Mill Road in Corbally.

All In one breath ; The trial got off to a flying start with the prosecution alleging Anthony Kelly provided the killer, already convicted James Martin Cahill, with the gun, showed him how to use it and also that Dessie Dundon pointed out the victim, John Dundon showed him where to wait for the bouncer and Gary Campion drove the motor bike used on the night.

Sheees ka Bab! A moment to take all that in…right were off again.

Some bits and bobs form the trail so far.

:: The court heard Cahill and Gary Campion lay in wait for the bouncer that night outside his home.When he arrived, Cahill started to run at him, the vctim shouted at them and ran, but Cahill fired the gun a couple of times. - Link

:: The victims’ wife, Alice Fitzgerald told prosecuting counsel that on the night he died; Brian Fitzgerald (left) had left for work, as usual, at about 8.10pm. He was head of security in a Limerick nightclub. Before he left he bathed the couple's two young children and stayed with them until they fell asleep. At about 3.50am she heard the car and a short while later heard the door open. She started coming downstairs but heard four shots and the sound of glass breaking. She said she heard her husband shout: "Come on ye cunts." As she ran down the stairs she could see her husband fighting with a man in a motorcycle helmet through the glass panel in the front door. As she watched her husband looked at her through the glass. She ran back upstairs to phone the gardaí but couldn't get her phone to work so she came back downstairs. She used the house phone to call the gardaí and was looking out of the window as she talked.

:: In his opening statement, prosecuting counsel Denis Vaughan Buckley, told the jury the main prosecution witness James Martin Cahill had pleaded guilty to the actually committing the murder but would say that the four accused had taken part in the planning and execution of the offence. - Link

:: The jury then heard from some Taxi drivers on the night.including taxi driver Mr Luke Keogh, who told the court that he had been driving home from Limerick to Castletroy at about 4.10am on the night of the murder when he passed Dillon's garage on the Dublin Road and saw a fire in a laneway. He drove further on and stopped at a filling station to get cigarettes before deciding to return to the fire. When he arrived he could see that it was a motorcycle. "The back wheel and the exhaust gave it away." He called the fire brigade and went on his way. - Link

This was the motorbike one of the accused used which was set on fire after being abandoned. CourtTV roles on into day 4 of the trail.

:: CCTV footage was show to the jury on Day 4.The jury was told that a man shown in the tape walking near an address in Pineview Gardens was accused man, Gary Campion. He said he could identify Campion on three separate pieces of CCTV footage taken from cameras overlooking the address in the Pineview Gardens estate. -Link

The SuperGrass

At the time of his conviction back in November 2005 , the trigger man, James Martin Cahill apologised in court for the crime, and said he was willing to testify if other people are charged with the murder. He also told how he was in fear of his life and reckoned he would be killed in his cell.

The Sunday World reported a year ago that a price tag of €30,000 has been put on the head of Mr. Cahill (right) in a bid to silence him in his behind bars role as a Supergrass. The report told of how, rat poison was found in a meal which was being prepared for the convicted killer at Portlaoise prison.

However the alleged bids to silence Mr. Cahill were unsuccessful and he will appear this Tuesday LIVE IN PERSON…sorry, to give evidence against the four accused.

Oh bring it on!

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