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Sunday, January 27, 2008

Ross Kemp on Gangs: Limerick Style

Ha ha ha

Article in Sunday Indo from January 27th. An interview with Ross Kemp.(that bald guy from eastenders who trys to keep up his hard man image by interviewing gangs 'round the globe)

Indo interviewer asks an hilarious question at the end,

"The image of him[Kemp] as a hard man won't have been altered much by his other successful venture, Ross Kemp On Gangs. It's a BAFTA Award-winning series in which Ross travels around the world and interviews violent gang members in different countries. He denies that the series, which is now the subject of a brilliant new book, was setting out to "prove any point" or that he was "some sort of journalist" but, nevertheless, the programmes did graphically show the extent of macho subculture that exists in many societies.

He tells me that the gangs in Poland were probably the worst, although he had a close call in Brazil as well. I ask him if he has any plans to come to Limerick. "Not as yet." He laughs. "Perhaps we'll have to look into it."
Full interview here

I always wished Dog 'The Bounty Hunter' would pay Limerick a visit.Wouldnt that be funny..

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Saturday, January 12, 2008

Teen shot in Limerick City attack

A city teenager is recovering in hospital today after he was shot in a fueed related attack on Friday night.

18 year old Jonathan Fitzgerald who is from the Garryowen area of the city,was shot in the neck by a masked gunman as he was standing outside a dry cleaners on Parnell street with one other person. Its thought the gunman then fled by car in the direction of Hyde road.

The victim was in a critical condition last night.

Gardai are investigating today and believe a man connected the McCarthy Dundon gang was responsible for the attack...

Loads more here

Monday, January 07, 2008

Poll Result

Cheers to all who voted in Decembers Poll:

Hannon Damages payout: Do you wish to hear him back on the Limerick airwaves again?