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Thursday, August 31, 2006

Poem written for missing son

In another plea for information regarding her son’s disappearance, the mother of missing Richard “Happy” Kelly has sent the Limerick Post Newspaper a poem that she has written about her son.

Speaking to the paper this week Mary Kelly said:

“It’s now 125 days since I last ‘saw my son and though the gardai are very good and call on me regularly, no sightings of Happy’ have been recorded”

The following is the poem Mary has written and is printed in this weeks paper,

A broken hearted mother
She really is upset
She gazes out the window
For a son she can’t forget
Her eyes are full of sadness
There’s an emptiness inside
She waits in hope each moment
And how often she has cried
It is so hard not knowing
There can be a lot of pain
It would make a wish come true
To have him home again
She will not give up hope now
Each night to God she prays
If she just keeps believing
He will walk in home someday
Where can my precious son be
To me he is so dear
He took my heart away with him
The day he went from home
So son if you are out there
And if you hear my plea
If god will grant a miracle
You will come home to me
There has to be an answer
Oh God please find a way
To show her where her son is
Oh God, make it today

Richard (Happy) Kelly was last seen in the Daly's Cross area on the outskirts of Limerick City on April 24th of this year. He had left his own house in O'Malley Park to baby-sit his then six-month old child at his former girlfriend's house.

Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Dell decision due in October

As rumors continue to swirl around Dell in Raheen about the future of some 3,000 jobs in plant, The Limerick Leader is reporting tonight that a decision on the situation is due in October.

The worry is that the Limerick plant could be downsized or or even closed if the company begins mass production and a cheaper country like Poland.

Polish media is apparently reporting that the city of Lodz (above) is Dell’s chosen location for their second European plant. A polish newspaper reported that the reason Dell are attracted to the city is due to its large student population and low labour costs.

A reuters article,

WARSAW (Reuters) - Dell Inc,the world's largest personal computer maker, will invest 120 million euros ($153.3 million) in a new plant in Poland's second-largest city Lodz, daily Gazeta Wyborcza reported on Monday.

Citing unnamed sources, Wyborcza said the company had picked Poland over Slovakia for the plant. It said that together with subcontractors the investment would generate 12,000 new jobs.The company was not immediately available for comment

Although Dell have conformed they will be setting up in Eastern Europe, management in America have done there best to assure its employees in Raheen that Limerick operations will not be downsized and that the plant is extremely important to them. Workers however are not convinced.

The city of Lodz website describes the city

"The atmosphere of this exceptional city and the entrepreneurship, energy and willingness to cooperate on the part of its inhabitants will make you share the view that Łódź is a city worth investing in; a city where one can not only make good business and achieve success, but have a good time as well"

8,000 jobs in the Limerick region would be effected if the Dell plant were to close completely.

Limerick native killed in plane crash

A plane crash last Sunday in Lexington Kentucky in the United States of America killed 49 people. It has emerged today that one of those was a native Limerick man.

Michael Ryan who was originally from Murroe was on board the CRJ-200 when it crashed while trying to take off Sunday morning. The crash killed all 47 passengers and two of the three crew members onboard. The plane's first officer survived, but with critical injuries

The plane exploded on impact in a field roughly 1 mile from the airport, with the flames likely causing many of the deaths.

The parish priest of Murroe, Fr Tom Ryan, said,

“We were all shocked at hearing the news that Michael was killed in the crash. When something like this happens so far away, you never think that somebody from Murroe could be involved.”

It is now suspected that the plane took off from the wrong, shorter runway at the airport. The plane struggled to get airborne and crashed.

It’s also said the air traffic controller in the tower at the time of the crash turned his back on the plane after clearing it for takeoff.

List of Passangers and Flight Staff Lost In The Tragedy

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Catholic children get a bus pass

Keeping the Gleeson’s quiet?

With the threat of legal action and national media coverage of the situation,it looks like Villiers School management had no choice but to go against everything they have been saying the last few weeks in relation to the school bus pass fiasco.The Gleeson family have said that they have received a bus pass for there children in the post.

John Devane, solicitor for the family has said that they are happy with the development and feel that the family have been vindicated.

The brother and sister were refused travel on a VEC school bus which passes by their door because they're catholic.

Villiers had previously stated,

Villiers School is a school under Protestant management and only children of Protestant denominations have an entitlement to transport on the special Adare Villiers bus serviceAccess is based on entitlement and since Villiers is the only Protestant post primary school in Limerick, Protestant children are entitled to exclusive use of the bus”

16-year-old was shot accidentally


It is reported today that the 16 year old girl who was shot on Monday morning in Crecora Avenue was shot by accident.

It turns out the girl was one of many at a house party in the avenue and was standing with a group of people outside the front of the premises when some ejit in the group decided to show off by pulling out a semi automatic pistol and began messing with it.

The gun accidentally went off and the bullet hit the girl after it ricocheted off something nearby.The gardai were called but the gun had vanished.

A Garda spokesman explains,

“The girl was hit in the chest by one bullet. We believe that it was a ricochet, and but for that she would have been killed.

It would appear somebody produced a gun. They were messing with the weapon and a shot was fired and it hit something before hitting the girl. It was not as though somebody shot at the girl. They are all friends”

The girl is still in the Regional hospital.

Ah well you know what the they say , what are friends for if they can’t accidentally shoot you , almost killing you, hide the evidence and leave you lying in a hospital bed with a hole in your chest.

Kenneth Dundon trial starts today

The trial of a notorious Limerick man accused of killing another man three years ago is getting under way today in London.

48 year old Kenneth Dundon is accused of stabbing Christopher Jacobs in the face and body during a fight on October 8th 2003, at a house in Hemsworth, North London.

Mr. Dundon was arrested by Gardai in Limerick back in 2004 due to a European bench warrant being issued for him in relation to the incident. He was extradited from Ireland to the UK.

Jacobs had been sleeping with Dundon’s wife, who is the mother of his children.

Limerick Blogger article on initial court appearance (April 02 2006)
Britain’s most wanted list at one time included Mr. Dundon

Monday, August 28, 2006

Drug seizure at Shannon

A man has been arrested a Shannon Airport after he was found to have a quantity of drugs in his possession.

The Dublin native in his 30’s was stopped by customs officials early today where €25,000 worth of cannabis was confiscated from him. It thought he came into Shannon Airport from a European destination.

He was arrested under drug legislation and taken to Shannon town Garda station where he can be held for up to 7 days.

City shooting being investigated

Another shooting incident in the city to tell you about today.

Gardai are currently investigating a shooting at a house in Crecora Avenue, just off Hyde road on the south side of the city.

A young woman aged around 16 was believed to be injured in the incident when she received wounds to her upper body at around 5.30am.She was rushed to Limerick regional hospital where her condition is not thought to be serious.

Gardai are appealing for any information in relation to the event.

Sunday, August 27, 2006

Body of Clare woman found

Less than 24 hours after vanishing, the body of a 54 year old Clare woman has been found today not far from where she was last seen.

The discovery was made in a canal near Clonlara village and Barry Cross at around 11am and the body has been taken to Limerick Regional Hospital for a post mortem.

Colette Connolly was last seen Saturday around 3pm walking along the main Limerick to Broadford road.

Search underway for missing Clare woman

Gardai in Clare and Limerick are becoming very worried about a Clare woman who has been missing for nearly 24 hours.

A coastguard helicopter has joined a search team as they try to find 54-year-old Collette Connolly. The woman was last seen yesterday around 3pm.One report says that she was last seen walking along the main Limerick to Broadford road.

The woman is described as being 5’ 1’’ in height, with blond shoulder length hair, and of slim build.She was wearing a yellow v-neck jumper and a sleeveless grey jacket with a hood.

Friday, August 25, 2006

Security Alert at Shannon Airport


A plane was detained this morning at Shannon Airport after a hoax bomb threat was made against it.

The plane which was an Aer Lingus flight landed safely at Shannon coming from New York just before 8.00am where all 239 passengers were evacuated and debriefed.

The plane was moved to a safe location on the airport grounds where a full search was carried out by local authorities. The search found nothing.

A spokeswoman for Aer Lingus said,

"There was a security alert on board one of our flights from New York to Shannon after Gardai received a call at around 4 a.m. The aircraft made a normal landing at Shannon airport at 7.45 a.m. and all passengers have disembarked the aircraft and are being interviewed in the terminal building."

Gardai in Dublin received a 999 call from a man with a distinct Dublin accent claiming to be a member of Al-Qaeda saying there was a liquid explosive on board the transatlantic airliner.

Fire units from Ennis, Shannon town and three ambulances attended the scene.

Thursday, August 24, 2006

€400,000 heroin seizure in Limerick

One man is being held in custody tonight after Gardaí recovered €400,000 worth of heroin in the city last night.

Gardai say their divisional drugs unit stopped a car on Henry Street yesterday evening where they made the find. Two kilos of the drug was recovered.

The man who was arrested is being detained under anti-drugs legislation

Roscrea seige ends

The Limerick man who had barricaded himself into a house in Roscrea has exited the building and given up the Gardai have said tonight.

Superintendent Kevin Donohoe who is at the scene said tonight,

"I can confirm he's out.He's now in Roscrea Garda station. We are now working to make sure the house is rendered safe and the area willremain sealed off until then."

The siege lasted 29 hours.

Man shot at as he arrives home

More details are emerging today on the apparent shooting incident which we reported on last night.

Gardaí have confirmed the incident took place and have said that two gunmen who had apparently been lying in wait for a man, opened fire on him as he was returning to his house in the Kilteragh housing estate in Dooradoyle around 11.30pm.

Up to 6 shots were fired in the attack which saw the mans house and car being struck but amazingly he was not hit.Gardaí say the man who is in his thirties is very fortunate not to have been killed or seriously injured.

Limerick man barricades himself into Co. Tipp house

It has emerged this morning that the man who has barricaded himself into a house in Roscrea is a native Limerick man.

Gardaí in Co Tipperary evacuated a section of the town after a man, named locally as Jim Hourigan, refused to leave a house on Rosemary Street yesterday afternoon.

The man in his fifties has allegedly doused himself in petrol and was threatening to ignite himself and gas canisters in the two story building.

Former Defence Minister Michael Smith who was at the scene said,

“He seems a gentle enough man. Clearly he has undergone certain pressures in his life which haven’t moved too smoothly. He’s had difficulties from time to time which he’s had to face. But he’s never been aggressive"

A neighbor said,

“He was heading to Limerick in the bus to help his friend with some work. He has a pass because of his disability and travels down to Limerick three or four times a week. He was in great form.”

The situation remains ongoing this morning. Gardai say they are not in a rush to end the siege and continue to negotiate with the disgruntled man.

UPDATE (09.55am) Unconfirmed reports from the scene have suggested that the man may have started the siege because of a threat of eviction from the premises.

UPDATE (11.52am) Gardai have declared a media ban on the situation in Roscrea according to local radio.

UPDATE (12.26pm) There have been no developments but negotiations with the man are understood to be progressing well -RTE

UPDATE (1.23pm)Reports that the man may have started the siege because of a threat of eviction from the premises have been disputed by the landlord.

UPDATE (7.03pm)The man has said he was sexually abused while training as a Christian Brother, he has instigated civil proceedings and is seeking compensation and In a statement, the man said he had taken the action in order to bring attention to his situation.

Reports: Shots fired at house in Dooradoyle area

Gardai are investigating a shooting incident in the Southside of the city according to witnesses tonight.

Reports say that up to 5 shots may have been fired at a house in the Kilteragh housing estate around 11.00pm on Wednesday night.

There is a strong Garda presence in the estate tonight. More should be know about this tomorrow if indeed it is factual.

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Man in court after feud related attack

A man has appeared at Limerick District court today charged in relation to an incident which occurred on Monday night.

The man from Moyross is charged with criminal damage after it is alleged that he stopped the car he was travelling in on the island road that night and approached another car which was occupied by two women.

It is then alleged that he repeatedly hit the windscreen and driver window with a baseball bat while shouting threats at the women inside.

Local radio reports that the man who is 21 is charged with causing €300 worth of damage in the attack.

Meanwhile outside the courthouse, Gardai apparently prevented a possible related gang fight when two groups squared up to each other.

The man will appear again next week.

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Shots fired at house in Garryowen

Gardai confirmed today that they are investigating another shooting incident in the Garryowen area.

Around 5.15am this morning a number of shots were reportedly fired at a house on the Claughaun Road. Radio reports suggest that one person was in the house at the time but was not injured. A front downstairs window was damaged in the attack.

Gardai at Henry Street are appealing for any information relating to the incident.

It is not clear if the latest shooting is related to last weeks shooting in the same area which saw 2 young children shot at.

Monday, August 21, 2006

6-year-old injured in hit and run

Gardai are investigating an incident in which a 6 year old boy was knocked down by a stolen car last night.

The hit and run happened in the Southill area of the city around 8pm last night. The stolen car was set on fire by it’s occupants less than 5 minutes after the incident in another part of the estate.

The young boy was rushed to hospital but his injuries are not life threatening .Gardai are appealing for anyone who may have seen the incident to come forward

Sunday, August 20, 2006

Limerick diver airlifted to hospital

A member of a Limerick-based sub-aqua club has to be airlifted to University College Hospital in Galway tonight after he got into difficulties in the water.

RTE reports that the man, who is 37 –years-old and from Limerick, resurfaced too quickly off Bishops island near Kilkee and became ill. It’s thought the rapid ascent was from 38 meters.

The incident which happened around 6pm was attended to by The Kilkee Coastguard and Rescue Unit and the Shannon based coastguard helicopter.

Limerick-based developers have €75m project rejected again.

Limerick-based developers have lost a long-running battle over proposals for a multi-use €75m development in the English city of Liverpool it emerged this week.

Chieftain Construction Ltd which is also involved in the Coonagh Cross Shopping Centre project had made plans to build a 35 storey,160-bedroom hotel, more than 150 residential apartments and business space in two tower blocks at a city centre location but were refused for a second time this week by the Government.

There plans were already rejected last summer by Liverpool council so they turned to the government and failed again. The Government ruled that the proposals would impact on certain buildings around it and on other heritage grounds.

Chieftain Construction Ltd is based at Mahon House on Upper William St.

Friday, August 18, 2006

Construction site tragedy – photos from the scene.

The latest pictures we have received form the scene of this mornings building site tragedy in which a male foreign national in his fifties died.He was working on the construction of a new hotel at the site of the old Savoy cinema in Henry Street in the city centre and died after pipes fell on top of him from a side of a truck.

He has been named as 50 year old Tony Pinto. The Italian father of two was living in Clonmel.

(The scene remained sealed off for most of the day)

( A Garda on Point duty after the accident)

(Flowers left at the scene this evening)

Watch RTE News Report from the scene.
Realplayer Required.

Man dies after construction site accident

A construction worker has died following an industrial accident on Henry Street this morning.

He died as a truck driver was unloading steel bars around 9.45am when one of them came loose and struck him in the chest. Gardai and ambulance personnel attended the scene.

The man in his fifties was rushed to Limerick regional hospital however he died shortly after.

Health and safety officers were also reported to have attended the scene. Gardai warned motorists to expect major delays around the area of the old savoy complex for the next few hours.

One lane of Henry Street was closed to traffic as rescue services dealt with the incident.Initial reports suggested the man had fallen from scaffolding at the site.

Worker falls from scaffolding on Henry Street

Gardai and ambulances are at the scene of an industrial accident on Henry Street this hour. Reports suggest that a man has fallen from scaffolding at a building site.

Further update shortly

Picket to be placed outside city VEC offices

A Statement has been released by the secretary of the Republican Sinn Fein in Limerick Sean O’Neill in which he outlines his plans to apparently hold a picket outside the offices of the Limerick City VEC over the School bus fiasco.

A Press Release from Sean O’Neill via

A picket is to be placed on the offices of the Limerick
City VEC by Republican Sinn Fein in protest over the committee’s
decision not to allow two young Catholic school children take a
bus to the Villiers School in the north side of the city.

Sean O’Neill from Prospect, the RSF secretary in Limerick
said today that the stand of the VEC on the issue was a national
disgrace and it must be challenged.

“The fact is the VEC has banned two Catholic school children
from what they describe as a Protestant bus,” said Mr. O’Neill.

“The constitution declares that all children of the nation
must be treated equally but this is certainly not the case
when it comes to the Limerick City VEC.

“The Limerick City VEC does not treat all children
equally and we do not have to remind people of the
awful scenes at the Holy Cross school in Belfast
when Catholic children had to run a gauntlet of
Protestant protesters.

“No one wishes to see such scenes again but the
attitude of the Limerick VEC indicates a latent
sectarianism against two Catholic children.

“What about children of parents who do not
profess any religion who attend school? Will
the Limerick VEC lay on a special bus for them?

“As a measure of our protest we will be mounting
a picket on the Limerick VEC when their offices re
open next week.”

Thursday, August 17, 2006

Executed Limerick WW1 solder to be pardoned

300 British and Irish soldiers including a Limerick man executed for cowardice during World War I are set to be pardoned, the UK’s defense ministry has said.

Limerick man Patrick Joseph Downey was one of 26 Irish men executed. He was executed after disobeying an order during the war.

The UK government has expressed regret for the executions in recent years, but has rejected several campaigns to have the soldiers officially pardoned, arguing that it is no longer possible to determine their guilt or innocence.

It is now thought that many of those shot for cowardice were suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder after enduring months of artillery bombardment in the trenches.

The grand nephew of Patrick Joseph Downey, Christy Walsh says it is an emotional time for his family.

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Leaving Cert results revealed today

For A total of 2387 students across Limerick city and county the wait was finally over today when the clock struck 9am and the results of the “biggest exam you will ever do” , the leaving cert , was published.

Although the general performance looked to be good this year, a high failure rate in maths is revealed in the results with more than ten percent of students failing the ordinary level paper.

John O'Halloran of the Tutorial College in the City said that he was delighted that eight of their students received the maximum of 600 points.

The students now must wait for the CAO points table to be released on Monday to see if they’ve been offered a place in the college of their choice.

It is estimated that more than 75% of the 54,000 students nationwide will secure a place on one of their top three Central Applications Office choices.A total of 5,500 students achieved at least one A1, with one student awarded A1's in nine subjects. He puts that achievement down to “Consistent Study”.

Results can still be got from the Website.

(The Oxymoronic Blank Page logo at the end of most Question Papers)

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Car and truck collide head-on in the county

A woman is recovering in Limerick Regional Hospital tonight after the car in which she was travelling collided with a truck in the village of Fedamore.

The accident occurred around 7.30pm this evening when the woman’s car crashed head on into an oncoming truck outside a pub in the village and burst into flames. The woman did however manage to escape the burning wreckage.

The Fire service did quickly arrive on scene where the fire was extinguished and ambulance personnel brought her to hospital. The driver of the lorry was only slightly injured.

The woman who is in her 30’s is thought to be from Limerick city.

Children targeted in shooting: report

More details are coming to light about the shooting incident that took place last night in Garryowen.

Tonight’s Chronicle is reporting that two children were in fact the intended target of the drive by shooting which occurred around 9.10pm last night and the incident is thought to be related to the city’s ongoing family feud.

The children targeted were between the ages of 8 and 12 years old and were standing outside a house on the Claughaun road when a car pulled up and two shots were discharged in their direction, however nobody was hurt. Apparently the children were seen as a target because they are related to people aligned to one side of the feud.

The car used in the drive-by, a BMW was found burnt out in Ballyclough late last night. Gardai say they received no official complaint but were investigating the shooting.

CEO stands over letter

The CEO of the Limerick City VEC has spoken today for the first time in relation to the refusal of bus passes to two Catholic students who attend the Villiers Secondary School.

Deirdre Frawley is standing over their decision not to give the two students bus passes and keep the bus service exclusive to protestant pupils only.

She said, “Access is based on entitlement and since Villiers is the only Protestant post primary school in Limerick, Protestant children are entitled to exclusive use of the bus”

It is also being reported that solicitor John Devane has told of his anger at the decision and will be representing the Gleeson family if this matter goes further. He also announced that he is to raise the issue with the ministers of Education and Transport.

The saga continues.

Monday, August 14, 2006

Shots reportedly fired in Garryowen area of the city

Gardai are investigating a shooting incident in which shots were reportedly fired at a house in Garryowen tonight.

Around 9.00pm two shots were fired at a house on the Claughaun Road. Gardai were looking for a Green car in relation to the shooting. The car left a high speed after the incident. Nobody was believed to be injured in the attack.

No more details were available.

In a seperate story Gardai are investigating an arson attack on house in the Greenfields area of the city. The incident happened at a house close to Roundwood estate. The Molotov cocktail caused extensive damage to the front of intended target. The scene was sealed off by Gardai.

Bus service won’t pick up Catholic students

Jimmy Woulfe of The Examiner has broken a very interesting story today in which he describes how a Limerick brother and sister have been refused travel on a VEC school bus because they're Catholic.

The bus which passes their house every morning only picks up protestant children who go to Villiers Secondary School(above), not catholic children.

The school is under Protestant management and for this reason the students were refused bus passes by the Vocational Educational Committee.

Councillor John Gilligan said on the matter,

“I was flabbergasted when I found out in the Irish Examiner that the City VEC was operating a bus for the benefit of students at Villiers School. We have responsibility for St Nessan’s and the old Red Tech in O’Connell Avenue and have nothing to do with Villiers"

The letter of denial received by the students from the VEC read as follow

“Villiers School is a school under Protestant management and only children of Protestant denominations have an entitlement to transport on the special Adare Villiers bus service.”

Sudden Adult Death Syndrome hits county hurler

A Limerick Hurler has died from Sudden Adult Death Syndrome it is being reported this morning.

Willie O’Brien (28) who played for Knockainey was found dead on Saturday morning at his home in the county. He had gone to bed early the previous night after returning home from training. He was due to be involved in a relegation play off against Dromin Athlacca yesterday.

Club treasurer John O’Riordan on the death,

“I last spoke with Willie after training on Thursday night. He was full of the joys of living and looking forward to the game on Sunday. Willie played at full back and was our best player. Everybody, not just in the team, but in the parish looked up to Willie; he was a great GAA man.

Today we were looking forward to a very important game, but instead we are here making the arrangements for Willie’s funeral.”

His funeral will take place in Knockainey tomorrow.

Sunday, August 13, 2006

Married couple appear in court in money-lending scam

A married couple accused of running an illegal money-lending scam have appeared before Limerick District Court charged with the illegal possession of social welfare child benefit books

The couple was also charged with the possession of an extendable black baton, mace spray and a white sock containing two hard golf balls tied securely at the top at Athlunkard Street on August 1

The following is From the Limerick Post,

Brendan and Patricia Wallace, both aged 34, with an address at 60 Fernleigh, Westbury, Corbally were charged with 18 and 16 offences respectively

Mr Wallace was also charged with possession of a stun gun and he was charged with Assault Causing Harm, for spraying mace into someone’s eyes.It’s believed that this is the first time in 10 years that charges of this kind have been brought in the city.Insp Pat Connolly said that they are still awaiting the DPP’s directions on the matter, but that gardai have no objections to bail, subject to a number of strict conditions.

He also said that they will need eight weeks to prepare directions.Solicitor for the accused, Pat Barriscale said that his clients were planning on going on holidays for two weeks in a fortnight’s time. And he pointed out that "obviously the bail conditions will be relaxed while they are away on holidays”.

Therefore Judge Leo Malone put the matter off until September 27, to Limerick District Court for the DPP’s directions to be heard.Explaining the bail conditions, Insp Connolly said that both Mr and Mrs Wallace must pay a surety of 5,000 euro each.

"Both will also have to sign on every Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday at Mayorstone garda station. If they are going away on holidays they will have to produce evidence in the form of tickets to gardai at Mayorstone.

We also require a sworn affidavit from both parties that they will have no contact or communication with any witnesses in this case. And they are to stay out of St Mary’s Park and the Island Road area of Limerick city,” he said.

Friday, August 11, 2006

David Norris praises “wonderful changes” in Limerick

David Norris has attacked Civil servants who won’t move to limerick because they do not consider the city cosmopolitan.He hit out while he was in the Shannon Region as a guest speaker at the annual fundraiser for the Rainbow support service which runs a gay helpline.

The Senator elected to the Seanad, criticised the civil servants who are reluctant to move to Limerick as part of the ongoing Decentralisation plan.

He said he didn’t have much sympathy for those who baulked at moving to Limerick saying,

"I would have no difficulty in being transferred to Limerick if it was me, I am continually pleased and surprised by the wonderful changes happening in Limerick."

He also commented on the murder of Brian Fitzgerald and praised the limerick people saying,

"I congratulate the decent citizens of Limerick that try and stand up to those thugs. I congratulate that brave doorman who stood up to them."

:: Read more over at Limerick Leader.
:: David Norris Website.
:: His Blog

Thursday, August 10, 2006

Gardai chase car across 4 counties

A court was told yesterday how Gardai spent over an hour and a half chasing a stolen car through the back roads of four counties.

20 year old Shane Garvey from Castleconnell led Gardai on the wild chase through of Limerick, Clare, Galway and finally Tipperary where he was stopped and arrested.

The man appeared in court yesterday where he faced a number of charges. He will appear again next week.

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Limerick prison officers attacked

Two prison officers have been injured after they were attacked in Limerick prison today the Irish Prison service has revealed.

They were apparently assaulted by a number of inmates around 11am today.

“The officers quickly brought the situation under control, but two officers were injured in the incident.”

One of the men was bitten, and the other received scratches in the assault and were transported to Limerick Regional Hospital as a precaution.

Bus Éireann drivers hold up Henry Street

In impromptu Bus Éireann driver strike brought traffic on Henry Street to a grinding halt for up to 20 minutes yesterday.

It seemed to have centred on a Bus being operated by private firm JJ Kavanagh & Sons doing a run from Dunnes Harvey’s Quay to Shannon Airport. Apparently the Bus Éireann drivers weren’t to happy about a private company taking then run and they say that this private firm does not have the proper licence to operate the route. They say their jobs are at risk.

So around lunchtime up to 30 Bus Éireann drivers walked out onto Henry Street ,on front of the private bus and walked on front of it slowing all the traffic down.The bus ended up pulling in on Sarsfield Street where the drivers still stood on front of the bus.The coach driver even claimed that he was spat at during the protest.

Bus owner Paul Kavanagh said,

"There is no direct service between Limerick City and Shannon Airport so there is no one else competing on this service."

Bus Éireann apologised to customers who were affected by the action but said they had to highlight the issue and had no option but to go down this route.

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Sean O’Neill attacked near his home

A local community activist from the prospect area of the city has had the sausage kicked out of him on Rosbrien road near his home by two men who were apparently fed up of the senior nosing in their business.

According to the Chronicle , Sean O’Neill , a member of the Limerick Republican information service and RSF, was walking near Donnellan’s buildings last Tuesday night on his way back from weston where he was inspecting a burnt out house, when he was attacked by two men with a baseball bat in hand.

The pair in their twenties assaulted the man around 11pm and left him on the street but before running left him with a message. They apparently told Mr. O’Neill to”mind his own business about what happens up in this area”

The man in his sixties was able to get back to his feet and return to his home where he called the Gardai. He made a statement and was able to give a good description of the perpetrators.

He also insisted that the attack will not silence him.

“The people of this area know my stand on anti social behavior and they know that I am not afraid to speak out against the plague of vandalism and crime blighting many parts of limerick”
He suffered a gash over his eye and some sore ribs. Roxboro Gardai are appealing for any witnesses to come forward.

Debenhams takeover Roches outlets

After weeks of speculation it has finally been announced today that the British store Debenhams had secured the leasehold of nine Roches department stores in Ireland for €29 million.

The shops include stores in Dublin, Blanchardstown, Blackrock, Tallaght, Cork, Tralee, Galway, Waterford and of course here in Limerick.

Chief executive Rob Templeman on the venture,
“There are significant opportunities to grow our department store portfolio across the UK and Republic of Ireland. We are pleased to announce the acquisition of the stores in the Republic of Ireland, which will considerably boost our local presence”

It plans to convert the new outlets over the next six to 12 months.

Clare Road Collision - More details

More details on the road crash we were reporting last night.

Gardai in Killaloe have confirmed they are investigating the serious road collision in Clonlara last night in which a number of people were injured.

Clare Fm reports that A woman in her thirties is said to be in a stable condition at the Mid-Western Regional Hospital in Limerick after the motor-bike she was riding collided with a car near the Canal Bridge on the R463 between O'Briensbridge Cross and Barry's Cross shortly before 7pm last night.

The passenger of the motor bike who is in his mid twenties is stable in hospital.The driver of the car was treated for shock.

Fire units from Limerick City and Killaloe assisted at the scene as roads around the incident were closed for a number of hours.

Monday, August 07, 2006

Traffic accident near Barrys cross – some injured

Two people have been injured, one very seriously after a road traffic accident on the Killaloe road out of Limerick.

The accident is believed to have involved a car and a motorcycle and happened near Barry’s cross. Emergency services arrived on the scene where they had to evacuate one man from a car.

A man in his twenties was taken to hospital with serious injuries. He was believed to be the driver of the motorcycle.

It's understood that the crash was a side impact cash.

The scene was cordoned off and routes around the area were closed.

20.32 Update: Emergency services are still at the scene of the crash which has seen routes around the area of Barry’s cross still closed.Two people have been removed from the scene in total so far.

22.03 Update: Roads around the accident are still closed tonight as gardai continue their investigation.Main stream media have yet to pick up on the story.

Saturday, August 05, 2006

Gardai Question teen in relation to shooting

Gardai have this bank holiday weekend confirmed that they have arrested a youth in relation to the shooting of a teenager last month in Southill.

Gardai say the youth in his teens was arrested Thursday as part of the “extensive Garda investigation” and he’s being questioned under section 30 of the Offences against the State Act.

He is being held at Roxboro Road Garda Station, where he must be charged or released later today.

A teenager suffered two gunshot wounds to one of his legs in the attack last month

Friday, August 04, 2006

"There is a gloom over Hospital"

This is a photo of 21 year old Limerick man Basil Bourke from Hospital who drowned this week in Ibiza while on holiday.Is it just us or does the shock of a young persons death only really hit us who are outside the family when we see a photo of a young happy strong man who's life was taken away so tragicly..if you know what we mean.

Below is an article from this weeks Limerick leader.

THE community of Hospital are coming to terms this week with the tragic death of 22-year-old student Brazil Bourke, who died in a drowning accident while holidaying in the Spanish resort of Ibiza.

It is believed that Mr Bourke was on a floating disco, which was cruising in Tunisian waters off the African coast when the tragedy occurred. It is believed that he may have dived off the boat and was intending to swim back to the vessel but got into difficulty.

He was holidaying with friends from County Limerick believed to be from the Hospital and Galbally areas. The tragedy occurred on the second week of the vacation.
The Department of Foreign Affairs said they are offering consular assistance to the family but are not releasing details of how the accident occurred.

An engineering student in the University of Limerick, Brazil was a native of Hospital and a past pupil of John the Baptist School in the town.

Teacher Jim O'Farrell said that Brazil was a fine student and on behalf of the school he extended his deepest sympathies to the Bourke family.

"Brazil went through the TYO programme and was a very popular student in the school. We extend our deepest sympathies to his family and friends," he said.
Brazil was an only son and the youngest of three children and is survived by parents John and Mary and sisters Caroline and Lilian.

The family are very well-known in the area,where John is a farmer and agricultural contractor, and Mary, Defence Minister Willie O'Dea's sister, is involved in many community organisations.
The family home is in Old Town Road, Hospital a half-mile from the town.
Brazil, who was due to graduate from UL this Autumn, was very much involved in sport and played football and soccer.

Cllr Eddie Creighton said there is a cloud of gloom over Hospital as everyone is devastated by this tragic loss.

"The whole town is in shock. This just came out of the blue. Another man, Tommy Ryan, died unexpectedly from an illness this week and then Brazil, who lives just 200 yards away, was drowned while on holiday," said Cllr Creighton.
"There is a gloom over Hospital. John and Mary are a lovely couple and words can't express the way we feel, we are devastated. Brazil was very well known and was such a lovely young lad.

He did his Leaving Cert just a few years ago and was very bright. He was studying engineering and was about to start a great life and a great career," said Cllr Creighton.

Cllr John Gallahue, who knows the family and their relatives in Ballylanders very well, also extended his deepest sympathies to them.

Willie O’Dea speaks on loss of nephew

Minister Willie O’Dea has spoken about the loss of a nephew in a drowning tragedy. He has told about how his family’s grief was being compounded by the delay in the release of the body by the Spanish authorities.

“They seem to have a huge amount of bureaucracy and had to get some official to come back from holiday to sign some papers. It doesn’t help a bereaved family. I advised my sister and her husband against going out there.

I was about 20 miles from Galway when I got a call on my mobile from Superintendent Jim Browne of Bruff. Jim is a great friend and has been for years. He said he had some bad news. I just told my driver to pull over. It was just so hard to
take it in. My young nephew was a fine young lad with everything to live for.

I wouldn’t like to see anybody go through what the family is going through at the moment. The wait to get the body home from Spain. The fact that we do not have him home makes it all the harder,”

21 year old Basil Bourke from Hospital, Co Limerick went missing from a disco boat on the island resort of Ibiza where he was holidaying with friends. He had drowned.

Thursday, August 03, 2006

Tim O Malley speaks out against travellers

Another public figure has spoken out against the travellers who have set up base out in Castletroy.

Junior Health Minister, Tim O Malley is the latest to lash out against the visiting member of the community saying they have set up illegally in the Limerick suburb.

“They cannot abuse people in this fashion and then wonder why their appearance is treated with groans of despair in every town and village in Ireland. Nor can the state go on much longer sitting back while the kind of health threat that arises from hundreds of people urinating and defecating in back yards in the middle of a heat wave”

The Limerick Independent newspaper spoke to one local resident who told them that people from the camp were urinating in the neighbour’s garden.

Mr O Malley said he would be raising the issue at government level in the future.

A local business has even had customers afraid to park their cars in the car park as it is near the site.

A court date to deal with the problem is scheduled for August 8th.

Man denies he is a flight risk

Gardai are still preparing the book of evidence against a man who was arrested back in June after a series of Garda raids across the city.

The 35 year old, Aidan Radmall from the Old Cratloe Road in Limerick was charged with possession of two pistols, a sub-machine gun and a stun gun for an unlawful purpose and also charges relating to the possession of Heroin to supply at Cecil Street on June 29th.

In total Mr. Radmall is facing a total of 11 separate charges, five drugs related and six relate to possession of ammunition and firearms.

At the latest court hearing Det Garda Ciara Dee alleged that the accused was "caught red handed and the nature of the evidence against him was overwhelming”.

The mans solicitor rebutted,

"He has six children, five from his marriage and one from his partner. They range in age from 16 years to three months. He has access to the children and is heavily involved with them. If he were to leave, he would be turning his back on his six children. He is also on social welfare and has no means to leave the country,”

Judge Tom O’Donnell did refuse bail and the case was adjourned until August 9.

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Nephew of Willie O'Dea drowns in Ibiza

A 24 year old nephew of Willie O'Dea has died after he drowned on the Mediterranean island of Ibiza.

He has been named as University of Limerick student Basil Bourke from Hospital, Co. Limerick. It’s thought he was on holiday with a number of friends when the accident occurred.

Bogus repairmen lurking: Gardai

Road users around Limerick are being asked to be vigilant after men disguised as AA type repairmen are roaming the roads in search of broken-down pray.

The Limerick Leader tells of one story where a foreign tourist had €1,200 stolen when bogus repairmen pulled up to the victim’s car on the Southern Ring road, offered their assistance and in the process committed the theft.

They did say they were from the AA and may have high visibility vests along with other break-down related paraphernalia in there white Van.

Beware, Say the Gardai.