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Friday, September 29, 2006

Two teens arrested and charged with murder

Two Limerick teenagers were arrested early this morning and charged with the murder of an 18 year old on the Old Cratloe Rd. last November.

The two teens, Shane Kelly, 18, and Richard Treacy, 18, were before Judge Tom O’Donnell later in the morning where he was informed that they were both arrested following directions of the Director of Public Prosecutions.

The victim, Darren Coughlin was walking along the Old Cratloe Road at around 10pm last one night in November, when he was set upon by a group of men. He was chased a short distance and then kicked a number of times in the head and upper body. He was rushed to hospital but died a few days after. A murder inquiry was launched.

The teens will appear again on October 5th.

RTE News Report on the murder back in November
(Realplayer required)

A call for a Water Cannon for Limerick

The Examiner reports today that the state solicitor for Limerick has called for a water cannon to be deployed in Limerick to tackle street violence and to disperse gangs that gather to attack the emergency services.

The call was made after a 23 year old man from Crecora Avenue was jailed for three months yesterday after he smashed a window of a Fire engine with a rock when the fire service was dealing wirth a fire one late night in Weston.

Speaking yesterday after the case ,The State solicitor Michael Murray said,

“In recent times we have had petrol bomb attacks on the Gardai in Limerick. Gangs of youths are displaying their antipathy to the Gardai in a very violent fashion. This is a worrying new trend, and it does pose health and safety issues for the Gardaí.

One has to wonder if, in the light of emerging new threats, and the dangers they are facing, if they are adequately equipped. There should be apparatuses such as water cannons to disperse gangs of youths on the rampage.

In one attack, a man shot at uniformed Gardaí in a patrol car. He has been dealt with by the courts. The country is now awash with fire arms and that boundary is now being crossed, with regard to violent attacks on Gardaí — up to now sacrosanct. This is a very worrying trend.”

Below is a photo from the infamous mayday protest in Dublin a few years ago. Is this what he wants to see?

The Garda water cannon moves in

Dublin’s NewsTalk goes nationwide

The current affairs and talk driven Dublin radio station, NewsTalk106-108 is from today available nationwide including right here in Limerick.

The chairman of the Broadcasting Commission of Ireland Conor J. Maguire said
"We are delighted to sign today's contract with Newstalk 106-108. In now broadcasting to a national audience, the service will mark a new era in Irish broadcasting. We are confident that the service will add significantly to news and speech-based radio in Ireland and will provide Irish listeners with a vibrant alternative."

NewsTalk can be heard in Limerick on the frequency 107.0

Thursday, September 28, 2006

Limerick TD has Tax Charge dropped

Limerick Fianna Fáil TD Michael Collins has been back in court in Newcastlewest today to face charges in relation to tax offences.

At a previous appearance the DPP layed out two charges in relation to Tax Evasion,however it was announced today that one of the two charges he was facing had been dropped and no explanation from the DPP has been given as to why.

The charged he faced were firstly that he cheated the office of the collector general by obtaining a tax clearance certificate by false pretences and secondly that he obtained a tax clearance certificate under the Standard in Public Office Act 2001 by false pretences.

The first of the charges above were dropped by the Counsel for the Director of Public Prosecutions at the hearing today.

He was remanded on his own bail to appear again in November.

Two shootings in O’Malley Park

Two shooting incidents occurred in O Malley Park yesterday evening.

In the first case, two masked and armed men arrived at a house in the estate and confronted the person inside claiming they were looking for an individual. He was not there.

A Garda spokesman continues the story,

“They then left and entered a second house close by and asked for the same individual, who was not present at that house either"
So they went back to the first house and proceeded to open fire on it, firing at least three shots in a downstairs window. The occupant inside was unharmed. The two men left the scene in a blue/silver Ford Focus.

That same evening a woman arrived back to her house in a different part of the estate to find her front window had been shot in. Early investigations suggest the assailants may have got the wrong house, according to today’s Independent newspaper.

Gardai are investigating both attacks to see if they are feud related.

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Little Britain sketch refers to Limerick as “Shithole"

The Leader reports tonight that during a recent Little Britain stage show, David Williams referred to Limerick City as “a shithole”.

It happened during a scene where David Williams (right) who plays an odd Travel agent named Carol Beer, tries to sell a woman and her sick child a trip to Limerick but quickly persuades the mother not to take the trip saying, “No , it’s a shithole ain’t it”

The line did receive a few laughs a the show but some people aren’t laughing here.

The Communications Executive of the Limerick Co-Ordination office reacted today saying,

“The script writers of Little Britain have obviously never been to Limerick or else they would not have written this line.”
So was it just harmless fun in the same way Little Britain make fun of Gay people, Overweight people, elderly and disabled, Or was it something else.

The show was held at the Oydssey the last 3 nights the 24th 25th 26th.

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

260 Castlemahon jobs in jeopardy

All 260 jobs at the West Limerick food plant ,Castlemahon are hanging in the balance after a provisional liquidator was appointed to the chicken plant by the High court today.

It has sparked concerns that the company could announce it will cease operations by the end of the year.

Workers have expressed there concerns that they feel they are being kept in the dark about what is going on. A meeting of the company’s committee took place today in Newcastlewest and a decision on the plants future is imminent.

Russell Crowe on his way to Kilkee

Despite all objection and concerns raised by the good people of Kilkee, it looks like the erection of a statue of famous Limerick man Richard Harris is to go ahead on Saturday.And boy will it go up in style.

Oscar winning actor, Russell Crowe will be unveiling the bronze statue in a ceremony that will also see him sing a song about his deceased friend that he wrote himself.

It was well known that the two men became good friends during the filming of the blockbuster 1999 movie – Gladiator.

The statue of the Limerick man which is costing €40,000 will depict Harris playing racquet ball - a game at which he excelled, winning a competition four years in a row at the town.

Event organizer and project director ,Manuel di Lucia said today,

“I have had a couple of long conversations with Russell and he is really looking forward to coming over. He loves Ireland and has never been to Kilkee. I expect there to be thousands of people in Kilkee on Saturday."

Crowe is quoted on as saying,

will be in Kilkee, Ireland, to unveil a statue of Richard Harris on 30th of September. We no doubt will find a place in the town to sing a few songs."

The 43 year old actor will be bringing an “entourage of 15” when he hit’s Kilkee on Saturday. Residents had previously objected to the statue saying it would draw a rowdy crowd to the area.

Monday, September 25, 2006

Woman shot last night was former SF election candidate

Tonight’s Limerick leader is reporting that the 42 year old woman who was injured in a shooting incident last night in Delmege Park is former Sinn Fein election Candidate Jenny Shapland.

She was walking with a teenage boy near their home when they were approached by two men who fired a shotgun in their direction. Neither victim was seriously injured but both suffered gunshot wounds to their back and legs.

Gardai are examining CCTV of the incident. The home of Jenny Shapland has been attacked before. Two weeks ago a petrol bomb was thrown into her downstairs living room causing massive damage. She escaped that incident injury free.

More Gardai have been drafted in to the area today.

15 year old in court after Southill shootings

A 15 year old youth has appeared at a special sitting of the juvenile court yesterday charged in connection with three separate shooting incidents.

The boy was charged with three separate offences of reckless discharge of a firearm on July 8th, August 19 and September 13 in O'Malley Park.

He will appear again at the juvenile court Tuesday.

Sunday, September 24, 2006

Yet another shooting in Moyross

Gardai are investigating yet another shooting incident in the Moyross area.

It is being reported that two people have been taken to Limerick Regional Hospital after they suffered gunshot wounds in the incident which happened at a house in the Delmege Park area.

The male(14) and female(42) are not thought to have suffered any serious injuries as a result of the shooting.

The incident, which occurred around 10 o’ clock Sunday night, is the latest in a spree of shootings over the last few nights.

Friday night saw two shooting incidents. The first attack was on a car which was parked in Pineview Gardens around 6pm. After that, two gunshots were fired at a house at 7pm in Delmege Park.

Article claims missing teen shot and buried secretly

An article in today’s Sunday Independent has claimed that missing Limerick teenager Richard ‘happy’ Kelly was shot dead and buried secretly.

The Article which also gives an in depth look in the latest goings on in Limericks Gand feuds says the following;

The other young gang victim who was murdered was Richard 'Happy' Kelly, also 19, who disappeared on May 27. It is believed he was shot dead and buried secretly. A week before Fat Frankie's murder, Gardai and soldiers were searching and digging up farmland on the outskirts of the city trying to recover his body. Happy Kelly's murder was the result of his obsession with stealing cars. He had convictions for stealing around 160 cars. One of the last he stole belonged to one of the Limerick gangs' chief "enforcers". There were guns and drugs in the boot. Kelly was ordered to leave the car back, and did so, intact. However, in merciless fashion, the gang then tracked him down and murdered him, ignoring his family's pleas to reveal the whereabouts of his grave.
Richard Kelly has been missing since April and Gardai have conceded not long ago that he may have met a violent death.

The same article also claims that if Limerick city suffers another Gangland killing this year then it would earn the title of Western Europe's murder capital ,due to the number of killings in proportion to its population.
Read the Full Independent Article Here

Man charged with murder of Frankie Ryan


A 23 year old man has appeared before a special sitting of Limerick court today charged with the Murder of Frankie Ryan last Sunday(right).

Gary Campion (below)who was the Prime suspect in the murder was arrested yesterday in North Cork and brought to Mayorstone Garda station. He was charged this morning with the murder and was escorted to and from the court session today by the Garda Emergency Response unit.

Mr. Campion asked for bail today but was denied as only a high court can grant bail on the charge of murder.

He was remanded and will appear again on Tuesday.

Ryan Murder- Arrested man due in Court today

Local radio and RTE are reporting that the man arrested yesterday in connection with the murder of Frankie Ryan will appear before a special sitting of Limerick court today.It is not clear at this stage what he is or will be charged with in relation to the killing.

There are conflicting reports as to the age of the man. Some sources say he is 18 while others say he is in his twenties.

No matter what age, he is due to appear at 1pm.

Rally against anti-social behaviour - Video clip

A small ,minute long video has been uploaded to YouTube showing the scene at the Rally Yesterday outside city Hall.It includes a portion of a speech.

The Rally was to show solidarity with all those in Limerick City affected by violence and anti-social behavior.It was expected a higher number of people would turn out but only 150 or there abouts turned up.

Orginisers still say it was a success.
Watch it here (YouTube)

Man rescued from river at Sarsfield Bridge.

A man is recovering in the Regional Hospital this morning after he was rescued from the river Shannon last night.

The incident happened around 11pm Saturday night when the man was seen entering the river under the Dunnes Stores side of Sarsfield bridge. Emergency Services including The Limerick Marine search and rescue were called to the scene and the man was pulled to safety by the Fire Brigade.

The man in his thirties is said to be recovering this morning from Hypothermia. It’s believed he may have been in the water for up to 20 minutes.

Saturday, September 23, 2006

Second arrest in Ryan Murder

There has been another arrest in connection with the murder of Frankie Ryan last Sunday.

A man in his 20’s was arrested in north Cork earlier today and taken to Mayorstone where he is being questioned under Section 30 of the Offences against the State Act and can be held for 48 hours.

This is the second arrest in relation to the killing.

Meanwhile there have been reports of two shooting incidents on the Northside of the city last night. Both shootings were thought to be "tit for tat" shootings. It’s unclear if anyone was injured in either attack

More on this from The Sunday Independent:
One gunshot was fired at a car parked in Pineview Gardens around 6pm.
Shortly afterwards, two gunshots were fired at a house at 7pm in Delmege Park.
"Nobody was injured during either incident," said a garda spokesman

Solidarity rally at 2pm today

A solidarity demonstration gets underway today at city hall today. The rally is designed to bring people together in the face of Anti-social behaviour and to call on the government to take action.

A press release below;

A spokesperson announced today that a Solidarity Rally will take place in Limerick this Saturday, September 23. This Rally is to show solidarity with all those in Limerick City affected by violence and anti-social behavior.The Solidarity Rally will begin at City Hall at 2pm, with words of support from local councilors, Maurice Quinlivan, Diarmuid Scully, John Gilligan and members of the public.It will be a peaceful rally. The strength of numbers will do the talking.The general public is invited to take part – Make our community of Limerick a better place for us all

It comes after a very turbulent month in Moyross in particular.

Friday, September 22, 2006

"All we know now is a fight to the end"

The burial of murdered Frankie Ryan took place yesterday amid horrible weather conditions and a heavy Garda presence.

Towards the end of the Funeral a disturbing poem was read out to the gathering written by the McCarthy-Dundon gang;an extract reads as follows,

'In Memory of a True Friend'
God above in heaven, why did his life end? Why did you let them take my friend? All we know now is a fight to the end. We have written this letter but have no address. Frankie, my brother, we are all left in a mess. We don't know what to say, but we all know what to do. Everything we do, we will think of you

It was read out by one of Frankie’s friends and signed by the following names:
Noddy, Christopher, Gareth, Wayne, John, Dessie and David.

Fr O'Dea, who presided over the funeral spoke at one point about revenge saying,

"From listening to Frank and Kay over the last few days, I know that they feel a justified sense of anger towards those who took, and were behind the taking, of Frankie's life, Even though they are feeling a sense of raw anger, they are able to say that they do not want revenge. They are able to see clearly through their awful anguish that revenge is futile. I make this appeal to anybody tempted to take the path of revenge, tempted to take the path of retaliation, to heed Frank and Kay's words - that revenge and retaliation is futile. It is not the way forward. Those who seek revenge take the path of weakness,"
Gardai will remain on a very high state of alert in all the major flashpoints for the coming months.

Thursday, September 21, 2006

Man in court after Ballyneety shooting

A man has appeared before Limerick District Court today where he was charged in connection with the shooting incident in Ballyneety on Tuesday.

20 year old Paul Reddan (above)is charged with recklessly discharging a firearm that same day.

He was remanded in custody with consent to bail as long as he resides at his Delmege home and signs the bail book at Henry Street every day. He also must stay away from the Southside.

Mr. Reddan is suspected of discharging a weapon a two men sitting in a van in the village of Ballyneety on Tuesday. The occupants, one a brother of murdered crime boss Kieran Keane were uninjured in the attack.

Meanwhile murdered Frankie Ryan was buried today in Moyross. His family have pleaded for no retaliation for his killing.

Gordon passes through

The reminents of Hurricane Gordon are in the process of passing over us. The system, now only a low pressure system, still possesses some tropical characteristics, rather unusual for a mid-latitude storm system. Not just this, but the scale of the system is smaller than many global models can resolve properly.

It does look like Limerick will escape the most of it wind wise but the rain could be very persistent and heavy. Localised flooding was seen already today on the Dock road, Moylish area, Ballysimon road, Hyde road and near the Coonagh roundabout.

Below is a Storm warning issued by Met Eireann

Issued at 21 September 2006 - 05:30

Severe Weather Alert

Becoming stormy for a time this evening and early tonight with winds gusting 100 to 120 Km/h in places. Some further flooding likely.Valid from 1800 21/9/06 to 0600 22/9/06

We shall wait and see. Could be nothing.No doubt the sandbags are at the ready around Clancy’s strand and the Sandmall and similar flood prone areas.

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Frankie Ryan murder – Teen released

The 18 year old arrested after the killing of Frankie Ryan has been released today. The young man was in the passenger seat of the car when the driver, Mr. Ryan was shot dead by a gunman on a motorbike.

He fled from the scene fearing for his life but was arrested the next day by Gardai who believed he was “withholding information”.

A report suggests that this particular teen has only recently become involved with criminal elements in the feud and was arrested several weeks ago following a brawl at Limerick District Court.

Mr. Ryan’s removal will take place tonight from Cross’s funeral home. A high Garda presence is expected.

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Man further charged after crash

Roman Andreas, the Latvian man who was charged last Wednesday with dangerous driving after he was involved in a traffic accident that left 19 year old Limerick girl dead, has been further charged today.

As expected the 21 year old has had the charge of dangerous driving causing the death put to him also at a hearing today.

The young girl Emma Woodland from St. Patrick’s Road was killed just around the corner from her home in a 3 car pile up on the Ballysimon Road on September 8th

Speaking of the families grief last week her brother told the Limerick Post,

"At least she was with her friends and having a good time before she died. But it just seems so unfair, She was innocent. She was the only one wearing a seat belt and she was sitting in the back seat so you’d think she would have been safe"

Mr. Andreas will appear again next Tuesday.

Dundon gets 6 years in London

The Notorious Limerick criminal Kenneth Dundon who was the first Irish person to be extradited to the UK from Ireland has been jailed today in London

Mr. Dundon (left) who is originally form Hyde road, pleaded guilty to stabbing Christopher Jacobs in the face and body during a fight on October 8th 2003, at a house in Hemsworth, North London. It's thought Dundon discovered Mr. Jacobs had "relations" with Dundons wife...and the knifes came out.

He was arrested by Gardai in Limerick back in 2004 after a European bench warrant was issued for his arrest.

The trial started on August 29th and concluded today with a sentenceing of 6 years for the manslaughter.

More from UK Website, Life Style Extra,

Dundon, who pleaded guilty to manslaughter, stabbed Mr Jacobs in the face and head after Mr Jacobs met Aine McCarthy at a social security office in London's east End.The pair began a sexual relationship which started in August 2003 and alcoholic Ms McCarthy would disappear for days on drinking binges with heroin addict Mr Jacobs and a pal of hers.Dundon found his wife two days before the killing on October 8 2003 and dragged her home, but Jacobs confronted Dundon at the family flat in Pearson Street, Hackney.His wife then disappeared the next day, and after consuming 15 pints, Dundon armed himself with a knife and tracked her down to her pal's flat in Hemsworth Street, Hoxton.Wearing a mask, he kicked the front door in and then repeatedly stabbed father-of-two Mr Jacobs in front of his wife and mother of his six children. Mr Jacobs died from inhalation of blood after being stabbed in the left cheek causing a 11cm deep wound.

Dundon then fled back to the nearby family home but was arrested the next morning and interviewed. He was bailed while his blood soaked shoes and freshly washed clothes were sent for forensic tests.However he skipped bail and fled to the Republic until he was arrested four months later in his native Limerick under a European arrest warrant on February 11 2004.

Alive In Limerick is suggesting that Mr. Dundon could be out of jail and on parole in around six months due to time already served in custody. ..yikes!..

Feud related shooting out the county

increasingly bitter and bloody feud between rival crime gangs escalates

A man has been arrested after a feud related shooting incident in the County today.

It believed two men were travelling in a van on the Limerick to Bruff road near Ballyneety when a car pulled up behind them and shots were discharged from the vehicle hitting the van but not injuring any of the two on board.

The armed men in the dark coloured saloon car then took off. It being reported that one of the men shot at, the driver, is a member of the Keane family.

The man arrested this evening can be held for up to 72 hours at Roxboro.

It comes after the killing of Frankie Ryan on Sunday night in Pineview Gardens.The prime suspect believed by Gardai to have assassinated 'Fat' Frankie is one of the city's most feared criminals who has just been released from prison according to Barry Duggan of the Irish independent.

He is also believed to have driven the motorbike which transported hired hitman James Martin Cahill to the home of murdered security man Brian Fitzgerald in Corbally.

Teens appear in court – Millie and Gavin fund details

A few people were inquiring about ways to contribute to the fund set up to assist with the recovery of 4 year old Millie Murray and younger brother Gavin who were badly burned in a horrific arson attack nearly two weeks ago in Pineview Gardens.

Below are details of how you can assist (From and RTEnews)

On Morning Ireland: The young children’s uncle spoke about the trust fund and on their condition.

Those who may wish to make a donation or who have already collected money can send it to: 'The Gavin and Millie Fundraising Account', Bank of Ireland, Caherdavin, Limerick, account number 48201223 and sort code 90-07-62

Meanwhile the two teenagers charged in connection with the attack have appeared in court again today.

The first teen up was granted bail but was told he must stay away from Limerick city and reside at an address given to Gardai along with a nightly curfew. He will appear again on 31 October.

The second teen was remanded to appear in court on 3 October.

Monday, September 18, 2006

Dell’s Limerick boss moving to Poland

As Dell continue to reassure Limerick employees that their jobs are not at risk, they’ve only gone and moved the head of the Limerick plant out to Poland to manage it's new Polish plant located in Lodz.

Dell made the announcement today that they are to invest €200m into the new European plant which will create over 1,000 jobs.

Sean Corkery, who is the Vice President of manufacturing at the Raheen plant, will move to Poland along with what Dell describes as “Over 60 experienced people from Limerick”.

A Reuters Article has the following:

Polish officials say the new factory could be worth around 10,000 new jobs to Lodz, Poland's second largest city and an unemployment black spot.

At 16 percent, Poland has the EU's highest jobless rate and has fallen short of its neighbors in attracting foreign investment, hurt by an unwieldy state which has seen it sink in the World Bank's ease of doing business rankings.

But the country's economy churns out 40 percent of the total gross domestic product of the 10 mostly ex-communist states who joined the European Union in 2004, making it the region's key market and a launch pad for investment further east.

Industry estimates suggest the Polish computer market was worth around $5.35 billion last year. Dell currently employs just 100 people in marketing, sales and customer support in Warsaw.

The Lodz plant will open in autumn 2007.

Background on the story:
Dell decision due in October - August
Job fears grow at Dell plant - July
Going to Dell in a handcart -Limerick Blogger

Man arrested over Last nights killing

A man has been arrested in connection with last nights killing of 21 year old Frankie Ryan.He was nabbed in Moyross and is 18 years old. It's thought that he may be the man who escaped the car when the victim was shot.

Gardaí say they are still looking at CCTV footage of the area and are appealing for anyone who may have witnessed the incident or anyone with information to contact them at Mayorstone on 061-456980

Pineview Killing – Man named locally

The man killed last night in Pineview Gardens has been named locally as Frankie Ryan.

Gardai have said that the shooting of Mr. Ryan, which is feud related may have involved 2 men on a motorbike ,however they are keeping all lines of enquiry open at this early stage.

One report this morning says that the victim was shot at least once in the head.

More from RTE News:

It is believed that two men were sitting in a parked car in the estate when a motorcycle pulled up the other ran from the car.

The dead man was well known to gardai. He was 22 and from the DelmegePark area of the city and was involved in a feud between rivalsgangs..

The body remains at the scene pending the arrival of the State Pathologist and crime scene investigators from the Garda Technical Bureau this morning

As AliveInLimerick has pointed out Frankie Ryan is also the man who caused €300 worth of damage after repeatedly hitting the windscreen and driver window of a car on the island road with a baseball bat while shouting threats at women inside, back on August 21st.

Man shot dead in Pineview Gardens

A man has been shot dead in the city.

The man was found in the street around 11.15pm Sunday night in the Pineview Gardens estate with gunshot wounds.Garda quickly responded to the scene with reports of up to 20 Garda units attending to take control of the scene.

The man who is in his early twenties is thought to be aligned to one side of the notorious feud.

The body remains at the scene and a part of the troubled estate has been sealed off.

The estate has been in the news a lot recently after an Arson attack there injured two children this day last week.

Sunday, September 17, 2006

Gardai at scene of incident in Moyross

Witnesses are telling NewsWire that at least 20 Garda vehicles have entered Pineview Gardens. An ambulance has also been seen entering the estate.

The estate has been in the news a lot recently after an Arson attack there injured two children this day last week.

No more details are available.

Traffic accident reported outside Charleville

One person has been killed after a two car accident on the Co. Limerick side of Charleville this morning.The collision happened at Rockhill.

The woman was killed in the crash which happened around 10.00am and was attended to by emergency services from Charleville,Kilmallock ,Mallow and Bruff.

Gardai are warning that major traffic delays can be expected around the area of O Rourke’s cross on the main Limerick to Cork road, the N20.

RTE Reports the woman was 24 years old.

From AARoadwatch:
There is a two vehicle collision on the N20 near Rockhill. Gardai are at the scene and the road is closed, there are diversion via O’Rourke’sCross to Kilmallock and vice versa. Expect delays. Expect long delays on the N21 through Newcastle West, in particular from the Abbeyfeale side.

Saturday, September 16, 2006

Arson Attack – Teen released

The third teenager who was arrested in connection with the Pineview Gardens Arson attack has been released form Garda custody today.

The 16-year-old was arrested Thursday night after he handed himself in to Gardai at Mayorstone.

Local radio reports he was released today and Gardaí say a file has been sent to the DPP.The two 17-year-olds charged in connection with the attack on the two young kids will be appearing again on Tuesday.

Limerick people snub Gun amnesty (so far)

No guns have been handed in to Limerick Gardai since the beginning of the Gun amnesty on the 1st of September it is being reported.

The amnesty which will last for 2 months is designed to help people who, until now, would have feared prosecution for owning weapons, including crossbows, which were not permitted under the law.

However all surrendered weapons will be forensically tested and where any is found to have been used in a crime, the forensic evidence and the weapon will be admissible in the prosecution of that crime….

McDowell said he wanted to give people an opportunity to hand in illegally-held guns and weapons before the introduction of the more stringent laws in November.

Eddie Halvey case pushed back to October 20th

The case against former Munster Rugby player Eddie Halvey has been pushed back until October 20th.

The 30 year old was charged with drink driving after he was arrested at the scene of an accident where a 16 year old Limerick boy, Kevin Walsh lost his life.

The accident happened on the N7 in Toomevara, Nenagh shortly after 5am on April 1st of this year. The teenager was a rear seat passenger in a car, which collided with a jeep

Mr. Halvey was already charged with drink driving at a court appearance the day after the crash.

Friday, September 15, 2006

30 armed Gardai secured Limerick court last night: Report


Some more on last night court appearance from today’s Irish Independent. The article describes how Limerick Court was secured with up to 30 armed Gardai for the appearance of the two 17-year-old’s charged in connection with the aron attack in Pineview gardens last Sunday.

More form the report,

More than 30 armed and unarmed Gardaí secured Limerick courthouse for the special sitting last night and would not allow anyone other than family members of the two accused, solicitors and media personnel into the building.

Nothing to say
One of the youths is from Delmege Park, Moyross, and the other is from Pineview Gardens. Detective Sergeant Patrick O'Callaghan of Mayorstone Garda Station said he charged one of the youths at 6.45pm last night who had "nothing to say" to each charge. Solicitor Ted McCarthy said he had no questions in relation to the charge and asked that he be assigned to defend this youth. Inspector Ann-Marie McMahon of Henry Street Garda Station asked that the youth wearing a striped round-neck jumper and navy tracksuit bottoms be remanded in custody at St Patrick's Institution until next Tuesday. Mr. McCarthy told Judge Tom O'Donnell that he "reserved his position" in relation to bail for this youth.

In the article it is also reported that when leaving the courtroom, one of the accused's family members told him that he "had nothing to be ashamed of"…..i think the whole city would disagree with that quote.

The third youth who was arrested last night was arrested in connection with events leading up to the attack according to the article also.

:: Read the Full Irish Independent article
:: Troubled Estates - Alive In Limerick
:: The mothers of the two 17-year olds go to Gardaí, after they received death threats - Limerick Blogger

Thursday, September 14, 2006

Gardai search areas including Southill in hunt for missing teen


Gardai searching for missing Limerick teenager Richard ‘Happy’ Kelly have begun a major search operation in the Southill area. After 5 months of nothing, Gardai now say their investigation has led them to the Southill Housing estate and the surrounding area including Barry’s Field(above).

With the assistance of the Army, The Garda divisional search team began the search for the missing man at 8.00am this morning. They seem to be focusing on four different locations including Ballyclough and the Ballysimon Road.

His mother has made numerous pleas for the return of her child and even sent a poem she wrote about him to a local paper.

On hearing of the developments she said today,

"The reality hit me that they were actually searching the fields of Southill for my child and I fell to pieces. It’s breaking my heart just watching it and knowing what they are looking for. Knowing that they are looking for my child, I’m pleading with anyone out there who knows anything to tell the Gardai. Please it's been too long, its 20 weeks now which is way too long altogether”

Richard was last seen in the Daly's Cross area on the outskirts of Limerick City on April 24th of this year. He had left his own house in O'Malley Park to baby-sit his then six-month old child at his former girlfriend's house.

Back in June it was reported that Gardai believed he may have met a violent death at the hands of a south city crime gang.

Just a side note here, Barry’s Field is no stranger to incident. Back in October of 2003 a man was found shot dead there(below). Michael Campbell McNamara died from gunshot wounds to the head and body, and a number of stab wounds to the back.

Army Photo: Limerick Leader

Arson attack - Two teens charged by Gardai


The two 17-year-old teens who were arrested Tuesday night in relation to the Pineview Gardens arson attack have been charged this evening by Gardai.

The two have appeared before a special sitting of Limerick Children's court(right) this evening where the charges of intentionally or recklessly causing serious harm were formally put to them.

There was a large Garda presence at the court tonight.

Four-year-old Gavin Murray and his sister, Millie, six, suffered severe burns when a car they were sitting in was set on fire on Sunday afternoon in Pineview Gardens.

In the Latest developments , It is being reported by RTE News that a third youth aged 16 has been arrested by Gardai in relation to the attack after he walked into Mayorstone Garda station this evening.

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Arson attack – Gardai get another 24hrs to question teens

A few bits of information to pass along at this time in relation to the Pineview Gardens Arson Attack last on Sunday.

A Garda Chief Superintendent has applied and been granted a 24hr extension to question the two 17 year olds who were arrested in connection with the attack.The two must now be charged or released by Thursday night.

Also, Solicitor John Devane has said he is willing to act as an intermediary between all involved parties in Moyross to see if the “Spiralling situation” as he puts it, can be resolved. He says he is the right candidate for this as he represents so many of them anyway.

More on this from the Independant:

"The Garda Siochana, the jail system and the courts are all failing at the moment in Limerick. If an intervention is not made soon, I believe someone will be killed," he said.

"I am not looking to have charges or prosecution cases dropped or the law obstructed. However, I have represented all of these people at some stage or another and I believe there is no better representative than myself to interview the warring gangs." Mr Devane is no stranger to the spotlight.

In July, he declared he will run in next year's General Election as an independent candidate for the Limerick East constituency.

He has already clashed with Justice Minister Michael McDowell over the 'slopping out' class action suit, representing over 900 prisoners who are suing the State for having to slop out their own cells. and has begun legal proceedings against the State for prisoners who claim their health is suffering from inmates smoking in Irish jails.

The solicitor has been involved in 15 murder trials in Limerick and has acted for members of feuding criminal gangs in the city.

"These young fellas have to come to realise where does this madness stop? I want to sit down with one or two at a time and talk sensibly to resolve all these feuds. They don't think there are enough rooms in jail for them, but there are," he said.

Meanwhile it has emerged that one of the two children injured in the attack, 6 year old Millie Murray, has been taken out of intensive care.

Prisoner beaten in Limerick prison cell

The Latvian man who was arrested and charged after the crash in which a 19 year old girl was killed has been attacked in Limerick Prison according to tonight’s leader.

The 21-year old was assaulted in his cell by other inmates according to prison officials. He was appearing at Limerick District Court today in relation to the crash where visible scars on his face and head could be seen. He also had bandages on his arm.

He is charged with dangerous driving and is expected to be charged with dangerous driving causing death in the near future. 19 year old Emma Woodland from St. Patrick’s Road was killed just around the corner from her home in the crash last Friday night. Mr. Andreas left the scene but was arrested shortly after.

Dell CEO speaks on Limerick jobs

Dell is continuing to play down fears in Limerick that jobs will be lost. As an official announcement nears regarding to the future of 3,000 Dell jobs in Limerick, it’s chief executive Kevin Rollins (right) has said that Dell manufacturing operations in Limerick will continue to "meet the needs of customers in parts of Europe"

However he stressed that a new facility to be located in Lodz, Poland was essential to be "close to customers" in emerging markets.

The CEO was speaking at Dell's annual technology day in New York yesterday,

"Our relationship with Ireland has been exceptional and we appreciate the support we have received from the Irish Government and our partners. However, there are other markets we need to get into. We have to be close to customers in those markets and that is best done by having multiple sites in Europe."
Rumors continue to swirl around Dell in Raheen and only time will tell.

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Two arrested in petrol bomb investigation

Gardai have confirmed tonight that two arrests have been made in relation to the petrol bomb attack in Pineview Gardens on Sunday which left two kids in Hospital with serious burns.

The two males who are both 17-years-old were arrested in the city and are being held at Mayorstone Garda station under Section 30 Offences against the State Act, 1939.

It's being reported that the two youths voluntarily walked into Mayorstone garda station surrendered themselves to Gardai around 8.30pmTuesday night. and are due to appear before a Limerick court Wednesday according to the Irish Examiner.

Full story below.

Petrol bomb attack: Gardai confident – O’Dea Condemns – Extra Gardai called in

As the Garda investigation continues into the horrific petrol bomb attack on a family in Pineview Gardens which left two young children in a Dublin Hospital, Local TD and Defence Minister Willie O’Dea has spoken today of is shock and anger at the incident.

Willie said he had met with Senior Gardai in Limerick and was satisfied that the “evidence pointed to a deliberate attack”. He described that attack as 'an incomprehensible act of savagery' but said that extra Gardai will be drafted in to the Moyross/ Pineview area.

He spoke today on RTE Radio,

The facts are not determined as yet, but it would appear to be a random unplanned act of incomprehensible savagery. It is not absolutely clear how they caused the car to go on fire and if they were aware the children were in the car, but the evidence indicates they were aware which is extremely worrying indeed.The investigation is progressing very well and from what I have heard I am confident of a successful outcome. The mother of Millie and Gavin has asked that the public would pray for her children and all concerned at this difficult time.

Garda have said tonight that a definite line of inquiry is being followed and they are confident they will catch the perpetrators of the cowardly act.

Radio interview with the father of the children, Niall McNamara, who describes the injuries inflicted on them after their mother's car was set ablaze (Realplayer required)

Limerick Blogger - Reaction to Moyross weekend of violence.

Praying for a miracle - Irish Examiner Story

Children will have surgery today

RTE is reporting this morning that the two children who were badly burned in a petrol bomb attack on Sunday in Pineview Gardens will undergo surgery today.

From RTENews:

Gardaí are investigating the cause of the fire. One line of inquiry is that the fire was started deliberately.

Niall McNamara, the father of the children, has said that someone had poured petrol into the back of the car and set it alight.

The operations will get underway at Our Lady's Hospital for Sick Children in Crumlin.

Monday, September 11, 2006

18-year-old fined for offering sex on Davis St.

An 18-year old girl has been fined by Limerick court after she was charged with approaching another person for the purposes of prostitution on a city street.

In court, Gardai told Judge Leo Malone how they witnessed the teen from Slovenia, approaching men after they left pubs and clubs on Davis Street and offering them sex. The incident happened last Wednesday night.

The woman named as Lena Drapalova and has an address is Kildare was fined €200 and ordered to stay away from Limerick.

Two weeks ago a Sunday World reporter alleged he was offered sex with two underage teens for €120 while he was in the Davis St. /Glenthworth Street area.

Sunday, September 10, 2006

Children injured in petrol bomb attack

Two children are currently on there way to a burns unit in Dublin after they were injured in a petrol bomb attack this evening.

The incident occurred around 2.00pm in Pineview Gardens in Moyross when a mother and her two children were sitting in there car. A petrol bomb was thrown through the back window.

The two children, a 4 year old boy and a 6 year old girl were immediately rushed to Limerick Regional Hospital.

The NewsWire has also learned that Gardai were pelted with bottles and stones by large gangs last night in the Pineview Gardens area where at least one petrol bomb was apparently thrown near Casey’s shop in the area.

The unrest must have spilled over into today.Radio reports suggest that this particular family were not from the area.

:: The Limerick Blogger has obtained a photo of a petrol bomb exploding in Pineview Gardens during the Saturday night unrest.

Saturday, September 09, 2006

19-year-old killed in late night crash

The carnage continued on the roads last night with a fatal crash in Limerick.

A late night accident involving three cars on the Ballysimon Road left a 19-year-old girl dead. She was a passenger in one of the vehicles when the collision happened around 12.30am.

The young girl Emma Woodland from St. Patrick’s Road was killed just around the corner from her home. A Latvian man who was driving one of the cars left the scene of the crash but was apprehended by Gardai shortly after. He was arrested and charged today in Limerick District court with dangerous driving and with failing to stop, remain and report to Gardai at the scene of the crash.

The 21-year old driver, Roman Andreas from Rhebogue faced a total of 5 charges today. In reply to the charges, the man said “I’m sorry”.

He’s back in court again on Tuesday.

Sandbags are out in fear of flooding

The sandbags are coming out around the city riverbanks as the city braces itself for possible flooding this coming weekend and beyond.

Local authorities in coastal regions across Ireland including Limerick have been put on high alert following a warning that unusually high tides this weekend could cause serious flooding in many areas.

(Below is a photo of one assortment of Sandbags being assembled at Harvey’s Quay)

Minister for the Environment Dick Roche has warned the worst floods for 25 years could hit coastal towns this weekend, and urged local authorities to clear all drains and have sandbags ready for local homes and businesses.

“We should use the weekend tides to ensure that our flood defences are in proper order and are ready to protect homes and businesses.These defences need to be working not just this weekend, but for the winter months ahead to ensure we do not fall victim to flooding.” - This website aims to provide practical help to all those whose homes or businesses may be at risk

Press Release - Minister Roche urges vigilance in advance of High Tides

Friday, September 08, 2006

Terry Wogan speaks on Limerick

Terry wogan has told limerick people to stand up and be proud in an article in the Irish independent today.

Limerick born Wogan also said that he would “take on all-comers who sought to denigrate his native city” which he said had given him a unique sense of identity.

In the article in which he talks about his new book he was asked what made Limerick so special to him. He replied by saying that it was the character of the people best seen in the Thomand Park spirit. "You never give up, you never say die and you are never beaten: you are prepared to have a laugh and when the game is over you shake hands."

More quotes from the Limerick Leader:

"My message to Limerick is: 'have a lot of confidence - get on with it.' If Limerick's estimate of itself is strong, then in a very, very, short time the rest of Ireland and the world will take Limerick at its own valuation,"

"Limerick never left me, whatever it is, my identity is Limerick. I am so pleased that I am from Limerick - I am grateful that I grew up in a small town where I had a sense of my own identity, it was a lovely place to grow up in

Read the Irish independent article here
Read the Limerick Leader article here

Well known personalities caught in carpark fling

The Irish Examiner is reporting that two well-known Limerick personalities have been captured on CCTV in a steamy embrace on the grounds of the Crescent Shopping Centre out in Raheen.

The article by Jimmy Woulfe:

TWO well-known public figures in Limerick have been caught on camera in a steamy late-night tryst in a city car park. The illicit affair was captured on CCTV near Limerick’s Crescent Shopping Centre and the adjoining county council headquarters. The couple, who are both in their 40s and married, arrived in the car park in separate cars. The woman, clearly identifiable, joined the man in the second car.

The two were then captured in a steamy embrace and in various stages of undress.According to sources not much notice was taken of the couple’s antics when they were initially picked up on the security system as they were not deemed a security risk. However, as it became clear what was unfolding, their actions soon became the focus of attention.

One source said: “When it was realized who they were, the CCTV film was taken away to ensure it did not get into wider circulation. Word is the steamy session captured on the film has now been erased. Both are very well known personalities in the Limerick area and they were clearly identified on the CCTV film.” A phone call was also made to the gentleman to tell him his nocturnal high jinks might be better pursued elsewhere and off camera.

Let the speculation begin..

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Another accidental teenage shooting

The Leader is reporting tonight that Mayorstone Gardai are apparently investigating another accidental shooting in the city.

Again, another 16-year-old was believed to have been shot, this time in the leg. The male teen is from the St. Mary’s Park area and is recovering in Limerick Regional Hospital where his injuries are not life threatening.

The incident happened last night around 1.45am.

Last Monday a 16-year-old girl was shot accidentally outside a house in Weston.

The NewsWire gets a mention.

The NewsWire got a little mention in the Limerick Independent today. In an article about the Limerick Style Blog - Style Treaty we get a little mention at the end as, in the Independents words, “a well known Limerick blog”.

That ‘ill do for us!

Reports of Child Prostitution in Limerick city

Limerick: Vice city?

A disturbing story is emerging this week in which it is claimed that children as young as 14 are engaging in forced prostitution in the city centre.

First reported by the Sunday World(right) and then by the Limerick Leader and Irish Examiner, a Sunday world reporter has alleged he was offered sex with two underage teens for €120 while he was in the Davis St / Glenthworth street area.

Gardai have confirmed that they are investigating claims children of Eastern European origin are being forced into the sex trade by their parents in the city.

The Limerick leader published a claim by a local in the area who says that he was driving along Perry Street late at night and pulled over to answer his phone. He then claims a young girl approached the car, asked for a light and then propositioned him.

Speaking on the latest developments Cllr Jim Long who represents Ward 4 said,

“Local residents have indicated to me that they suspect that young girls were offering services. One particular young girl has been seen getting into different cars between 10pm and 11.40pm at night.”
This year three women have already been prosecuted and convicted of prostitution offences in Limerick.

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Dundon pleads guilty to manslaughter

At his trial in London, 48 year old Kenneth Dundon has pleaded guilty to manslaughter it is being reported today.

Mr. Dundon who is originally form Limerick city, is accused of stabbing Christopher Jacobs in the face and body during a fight on October 8th 2003, at a house in Hemsworth, North London.

He was arrested by Gardai in Limerick back in 2004 due to a European bench warrant being issued for him in relation to the incident. He was extradited from Ireland to the UK.

His trial started last Tuesday and the plea was made yesterday.

Sentencing will now take place on the 14th of September.

Spin FM wins regional licence

With radio gruop Spin South West being awarded a 10 year youth licence to broadcast in the South West yeasterday, RED Fm's Newsman Kevin Purcell Sheds more light on the story in an e-mail sent to The NewsWire;

The group(Spin South West) saw off the challenge from Red Fm south west based in Cork.The new radio service will provide a mix of music and speech to the 15-34 age group in Limerick, Clare,Kerry as well as parts of Tipp and Laois.

It expected to create up to 40 jobs and will be located at the Raheen roundabout.The station should begin broadcasting in March and will become the second regional radio station in Ireland after Beat Fm.

You may remember a few years ago Spin caused outrage in Limerick after they called it Stab City during their infamous news reports.Ironic that the BCI decided to award them the License to be based in Limerick

From the BCI Website:

Youth service for the South-West Region-Licensing Decision

The Commission has awarded a ten year licence in principle to Spin South-West Limited (trading as SPIN) for the provision of a new youth-based licence for the south west of Ireland. This service will cover the Counties of Kerry, Limerick, Clare, North Tipperary and South-West Laois.

The award is subject to the successful outcome of contract negotiations and these are expected to be completed in the coming months.

Monday, September 04, 2006

Limerick man causes security scare

A Limerick man who caused a security alert in Dublin Airport yesterday has been released without charge this morning.

The 25 year old was stopped yesterday at the airport screeners where a deactivated 9mm automatic handgun was found in his carry-on baggage. He was immediately arrested.

It turns out he was due to board a charter flight to Egypt with the tour company First Choice.

An airport spokeswoman said the man was going through security screening when an item in his hand luggage aroused suspicion among security staff.

The Irish Independent reports that the man said he believed it might have been put there by friends as a prank.

Further inquiries are now being carried out by the gardai in Limerick where the man lives.Gardai said last night that the man was regarded locally as a respectable citizen with no known connections to crime gangs and had never been in trouble previously

A file has been sent to the DPP in relation to the incident.

Sunday, September 03, 2006

200 financial services jobs for Limerick

The US financial services company Northern Trust is to create at least 200 jobs in Limerick according to the Sunday Business post this morning.

A company spokesman told the paper that Limerick had been chosen as the location for the company’s expansion in Ireland and that an announcement would be made shortly.

The number of jobs which are initially around 200 could double to 400 according to the article. The company has offices in several major cities all over the world.

Read the Sunday Business Post Article
More about Northern Trust
Press Release: Northern Trust Moves into New Dublin Office (Aug 06)

Friday, September 01, 2006

Top Garda speaks about gang violence

Supt Frank O’Brien form Roxboro Garda station has spoken on the recent spate of feud related shootings and happening lately.

On the heels of almost 20 shooting incidents, courtroom bust-ups and other feud related crimes Supt Frank O’Brien spoke about how a serious loss of life possible,

"Unfortunately there will be serious loss of life when you have the discharge of firearms. I would appeal to those involved to see sense.

It is most unfortunate that we have had no loss of life in recent weeks. The same old burning enmities are smoldering and we get a gust from time to time when it blasts open. We are determined to deal with this feud and this outbreak of violence amongst those involved in the feud.

I would appeal to those involved to stop before it ends up in further loss of life and suffering. There can only be suffering and misery on all sides. Is this what they want? I appeal to them to see sense”

On how the recent violence is affecting Garda work he said,

“It is deflecting us from more focused policing issues such as public order, burglaries and other crime”

Some of the feud related stories over the month of August
16-year-old was shot accidentally
Man shot at as he arrives home
Man in court after feud related attack
Shots fired at house in Garryowen
Children targeted in shooting: report
Gardai Question teen in relation to shooting