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Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Road accident victim named

A man who was knocked down and killed in Murroe in Co. Limerick has been named.

32 year old John Sheehan was walking along the road near farnane around 6pm Sunday evening last when he was struck by a van. He was pronounced dead at the scene.

Gardai at Bruff are investigating.

Friday, December 21, 2007

All I want for Xmas is two working legs

The son of Euromillions winner Doloras McNamara has apparently jumped through an upstairs window of a house in Castleconnel, breaking both his legs.

The glass shattering news was broken today on the Limerick Leader website who say Gary McNamara suffered the injuries after jumping out a neighbour's window shortly before midnight last night.

It’s believed 'Evel Knievel ' jumped through the window when Gardai turned up at the house after responding to a panic attack alarm at same address.

Gardai are waiting to interview the 28 year old who is currently recovering in Limerick Regional Hospital.

On a seperate note, dont forget to vote in this months poll on the right hand side of the page.The Question: Gerry Hannon Damages payout: Do you wish to hear him back on the Limerick airwaves again?

Man hit by truck in city center

It seems the brisk Christmas shopping rush in one part of the city was brought to a standstill early this morning after a man was knocked down by a truck on Rutland Street.

The squish happened around 10.45am near the junction of Rutland Street and Patrick Street. Emergency services were quickly on the scene and traffic was held up for over an hour while the incident was dealt with.

The man did not suffer injuries any life threatening injuries. The driver of the truck is helping Gardai with their inquiries.

Please remember, being squashed by a truck on Rutland Street isn’t just for Christmas…

Be careful out there ye mad Xmas shopping bastards

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

€20,000 damages awarded after RLO 'Ku Klux Klan' remark

A Limerick man has been awarded damages of €20,000 after successfully suing broadcaster Gerry Hannon and the owner of pirate radio station RLO, Gerard Madden, over a 'Ku Klux Klan' remark made in 2003.

Desmond Hayes from Ballyneety sued both motor mouth Hannon and owner Madden for libel after the remarks were made on Hannons Late n’ Live talk show in March 2003.

Leader website has more,

“Under cross-examination by lawyers for Mr Hannan and Mr Madden, Mr Hayes agreed that he was a regular contributor to the programme prior to the offending broadcast but he strongly denied his contributions were of a racist nature.Mr Hayes was also quizzed about his failed attempts to establish a political party around the same time ahead of the 2004 local and European elections. Mr Hayes said there were around 300 people interested in joining the Democratic People's Party but he agreed it was not established due to a number of technicalities. He denied suggestions from Mark Nicholas BL, for Mr Hannan, that the party would have been a white supremacist party whose ethos would have been to keep Ireland for the Irish."That is a fabrication and that is not what I am about. All we wanted to do was to lift the lot of working-class people," said Mr Hayes.”

D’ye want sauce on yer burger?

Short Video on Andy Lee

Good video on boxer Andy Lee

After his latest boxing victory Andy Lee told the crowd last Satarday at the national stadium,

"It's my dream to get off the plane at Shannon and walk down O'Connell Street and meet the people of Limerick with the WBC belt"

I heart Limerick 4 ever!

Ah jaysus are ye serious like?
How low must the cities image and self esteem really be if we resort to articles in the local papers like this one in the Leader,

‘What I love about Limerick’
‘Will Leahy, 2fm DJ, tells Gerard Fitzgibbon about a few of his favourite things’...Blah blah blah.

Leahy(right) goes on to talk about Nancy Blake's, RTE’s Limerick studios, Terry Wogan, The Royal George Hotel, The visit of President Bill Clinton and The People's Park.

What ridiculous tripe.

Dot get me wrong, I love Limerick but do we really need this feel good bollox? Kind of reminds me of the line in Fr. Ted,” I think I should get the parachute…because im great”

We're bigger than this aren’t we?

Regeneration of more city estates

More regeneration of city estates, sorry, scum holes, is due to take place.

Minister for nothing useful Willie O Dea told the Leader today,

"It means that with Moyross and Southill, Limerick will have the biggest ever
social engineering programme that has been attempted in Ireland or Britain,"

St Mary's Park and Ballinacurra Weston are now to be included in the massive regeneration programme which has seen dozens of houses demolished in the Moyross area alone.

It's Re-Generation X!

Lack of Posts

Sorry bout that, up the walls the last month and it shall remain that way.Ill try my best though.