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Thursday, November 30, 2006

Thieves swipe Christmas tree decorations

It is being reported that thieves have stripped the Christmas tree on O Connell Street of half of its decorations and lights.

Gardai have confirmed that decorations from Bells to bobbles and angels to Christmas lights have all been disappearing under the cover of darkness.

A Garda spokesman said today,
"Despite all the hard work carried out by the city council in decorating the streets of Limerick and putting up a large Christmas tree outside Pennys to brighten up the city centre, it appears thieves are stealing lights and decorations from the tree. It would be a terrible pity if these individuals were allowed to spoil the festive occasion and atmosphere across the city centre"
Bastards!.Gardai are looking at CCTV from the area on lower O’Connell street.

Limerick man wins €315,000 in damages

According to today’s Irish times a cyclist who suffered serious head injuries after he claimed he was struck by a car and knocked to the ground has won €315,000 at the High Court.

Mr Justice Richard Johnson approved the settlement yesterday for Laurence Noel Manning, represented by Dr John O'Mahony SC.

Mr Manning (60), Salvia Court, Keyes Park, Limerick, had sued Craig Quinn, Maigue Way, John Carew Park, Limerick.

It was alleged that Mr Quinn was the driver of a motor vehicle on January 16th, 1999, near Roxboro Road, Limerick, when he allegedly struck the plaintiff. – Irish Times

Murdered man’s brother appears in court

The brother of murdered Moyross man Frankie Ryan, who was shot dead in September, has appeared before a sitting of Limerick court today charged with firearms offences.

John Ryan from also from Moyross was charged today with the possession of a semi-automatic shotgun with ammo and also charged with using the weapon in a threatening manner during a robbery yesterday.

The 27 year old revealed at the hearing that he would not be requesting bail and he was remanded until the 7th of December.

Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Crime Czar calls for Moyross to be handed over

Under direction of the new “Crime Czar” John Fitzgerald, it was announced yesterday that authority for all of Moyross is to be handed over to Limerick city council.

At the moment most of Moyross comes under the city council control but there is a portion that falls under the county council however at a request of Mr. Fitzgerald (right) it looks like the County Council are broadly in favor of the move.

The initiative is to help combat crime in the vast estate which has an unemployment rate at 21%, nearly five times the national average.

Sinn Fein’s local man has welcomed the decision by Limerick county Council to possibly relinquish control of parts of Moyross and hand them over to the city council by saying tonight,

“We(Sinn Fein) would like to take this opportunity to thank Limerick County Council for responding positively to the approach to them from John Fitzgerald and indeed to our approach to the County Council in May with the findings of our survey in relation to this matter that we conducted in the areas concerned. Therefore, Sinn Fein once again calls on the Minister to move with some urgency to resolve this anomalous and bizarre situation by transferring these three estates into the jurisdiction of Limerick City Council. We also wish to reiterate our gratitude to the local residents for their co-operation in the carrying out of the survey. It is the intention of Sinn Fein to do all that we can to pursue this matter to a successful

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Dell foundation donates €30,000 to fund Moyross project

The Dell foundation announced yesterday that it is to donate €30,000 to the Moyross Development Company in a bid to bring IT services to the people of Moyross.

The money is expected to be used to fund a new top of the range computer room at the Moyross Enterprise centre.

The new initiative is designed to help children doing their homework and provide locals with new job skills and access to accredited IT modules.

Speaking on a trip to the Dell plant in Raheen, chief executive Kevin Rollins said,

“Moyross Development Company is to be commended for the work that it is already doing with young people in the area in what at times is a difficult and challenging environment

We hope that the provision of funding through the Dell Foundation to equip a new IT resource for the community will help to complement the impressive range of programmes already underway in the community. It is critical that young people have access to IT skills in order to be able to participate fully in the digital world and we are delighted that through this donation increased numbers of young people in the Moyross area will now have enhanced access to technology”

Monday, November 27, 2006

River Deel protests start up again

The ‘Deel or No Deel’ water source saga resurfaced today after contractors working on behalf of Limerick county council in Kildimo were met with fresh protests from local residents.

The project which has been stopped several times before and is designed to re-source the town’s water supply which is currently coming from the local Bleach Lough.The council wants the towns supply coming from the river Deel.

The residents of Palaskenry and Kildimo have objected since May saying that the river Deel is one of the most polluted rivers in Ireland.The County Council say that the treatment of the water supply from the River Deel is "on a par" with any other supply in the country and have in recent months brought protesters to the High court for obstructing the progress of the project.

Protesters (above) have always insisted they will go to jail for what they believe in.One resident confronted the contractors back in June and told them to leave saying,
Gather up your machines and go back to Cork because as far as were concerned,your coming down here, you see those women and children. If we all end up in jail, you’ll be part to blame for this.

Today’s protest is the first since mother of two Orla Kaiser escaped a jail sentence for obstructing the progress of the project back in June.

Talks between the two parties in October raised hopes of a settlement.

New watch scheme allows residents to text Gardai

In a sign that residents are finally starting to stand up to anti-social behaviour, Thomandgate residents have today launched a new neighborhood watch scheme with the aid of Respond and the Gardai.

The residents of Distillery View have had enough of being terrorized in their own homes and have teamed up with local Gardai to launch the ‘first of its kind’ scheme.

For the first time, members of the scheme will be able to text Gardai when they see something happening in their area.

Sounds like a good idea.

From the Garda website,
Neighbourhood Watch is a crime prevention programme intended to enlist the active co-operation of the community in a locality by observing and reporting suspicious activities. In Neighbourhood Watch a community accepts a certain responsibility for crime in its own area. A partnership is established between Gardaí and the community, which is designed to prevent crime and to help create a better environment in which to live

McCabe Murderers challenge refusal for temporary release

More developments in the Gerry McCabe story today. The four men serving time for the murder have won the right to challenge a refusal to allow them temporary release.

RTE has the story,

Four men serving jail sentences in connection with the killing of Detective Garda Jerry McCabe have been given permission by the High Court to challenge what they say is a refusal to allow them temporary release from Castlereagh Prison.

Detective Garda McCabe(above) was shot dead during an attempted robbery in Adare in Co Limerick in June 1996.

Kevin Walsh, Michael O'Neill, Pearse McAuley and Jeremiah Sheehy claim that since early 2004, they have been consistently refused any form of temporary release.

Lawyers for Kevin Walsh told the court he had recently been refused temporary release to visit his 85-year-old father, who is unwell. The court heard Pearse McAuley was refused permission to visit his mother.

Senior Counsel Patrick Gageby said there appeared to be a policy of refusing temporary release in place in relation to the four prisoners.

Mr Justice John McMenamin allowed the four to challenge the decision of the Prison Governor and the Minister for Justice.

Saturday, November 25, 2006

Suspicious device examined in Southill

Army Bomb disposal experts have carried out a controlled explosion on a live grenade after it was thrown into a house earlier today.

The incident happened around 11.45am in the O Malley park housing estate when the grenade was tossed through a downstairs window of an unoccupied house and failed to detonate.

Gardai who arrived on scene immediately created a perimeter and evacuated the house and an area around it. The Bomb disposal unit from Cork was sent to the scene and safe detonation of the device was performed around 3.30pm.

An army spokesperson said that the device will now be brought to Cork for further analysis.No one was injured in the incident and Gardai have launched an investigation.

Friday, November 24, 2006

You are now entering Limerick..

I stumbled across this charming photoshop on the Flickr website. ..

Ahh kids…they make me laugh sometimes..

More on Swords murder and possible Limerick link

"There are too many murders related to feuds" says Bertie Ahern

After speculation yesterday that a Limerick Gang may be behind the killing of Latvian woman Baiba Saulite three weeks ago, Gardai have confirmed today that they are investigating that possibility but stress there is no evidence to support that theory as of yet

(Above: Baiba Saulite with her two kids)

The suspected organizer is known to have built up a close relationship with members of a Limerick-based crime gang in the past year.

But Gardai say that there is no evidence suggesting that a member of the Limerick gang was responsible for the savage shooting, although they say every line of inquiry is being pursued.

-Irish Indo
Gardai are now concentrating on telephone records to see if any phone calls were made by the organiser of the hit to the assassin giving the order to carry out the murder.

Moran murderer has fled the country:Report

The suspected murderer of Thomas Moran has fled the country according to The Irish Examiner today.

Local sources tell the paper that the man suspected of carrying out the murder of 26 year old Thomas Moran has fled to England to stay with family.

Thomas Moran, aged 26, was shot dead some time around midnight on November 12/13.He had gone to the drugs pusher and it is understood he was refused drugs. Some time later, an attempt was made to attack the house where the drug dealer was residing.

Mr Moran has been involved in petty crime in order to get money to feed his drugs habit. One theory is that he owed money to the drugs dealer and was not given a “fix” when he went in search for heroin on Sunday night, November 12.
It was the morning after that the body of the man was found on waste ground in the area. Gardai had said they were homing in on the main suspect in the killing in recent days however it now appears he has slipped the net.

Thursday, November 23, 2006

Student charged with Croom murder

A 20-year-old student has been charged with murder at a special sitting of the District Court in Listowel in Co Kerry.

Joseph Bustin of Towerfield ,Croom was charged tonight with the murder of Liam O'Donovan in Croom three weeks ago.

The young man was remanded to appear again next week.

The body of 59 year old Liam O'Donovan was found stabbed on a footpath behind a truck in Croom a short distance from his home.He was a well known in the area and had been involved in community events.

A diary of life in Hell

"It was never as bad as this" says Garda source
In a Press Release sent to the NewsWire, Limerick Sinn Fein general election candidate Maurice Quinlivan has expressed concerns over the accuracy of the latest crime figures that have been released to him.And shares with us the daily sh*t that one resident has to put up with living in Moyross(right).

Mr. Quinlivan states,

I am very concerned that crime figures just released to me are not reflecting the reality of the situation in parts of Limerick. The Tánaiste and Minister for Justice, Equality and Law Reform when questioned by Deputy Aengus O'Snodaigh TD on my behalf revealed that "there have been four incidents involving a petrol bomb in the Limerick Garda Division to date in 2006".

Whilst the Minister also says the figures are provisional, operational and liable to change they seem extremely low and wildly inaccurate when you stop and reflect on some of the incidents that have taken place in Limerick throughout the year. During the weekend of 8th– 11th of September alone we saw a minimum of 20 petrol bombs thrown at the Gardai in one small housing estate. Petrol bombs were thrown on Friday the 8th September in a co-ordinated attack against the Gardai.

I was a witness to events on Saturday the 9th September when Gardai were once again attacked with petrol bombs. That weekend culminated in the horrific attack on Sunday afternoon against young Gavin and Millie Murray. The figures supplied by the Tánaiste unfortunately could in no way be reflective of the reality on the ground. I have recently been given a log that a local resident in the Delmege Park area has kept and the amount of incidents contained in it are simply mind boggling. It is almost impossible to conceive that all this activityhas taken place in such a small area.”
Along with his comments Mr Quinlivan also attached a diary(below) of a resident living in Delmage Park. The person who remains anonymous describes the daily events the good people of the area have had to put up with in the last 2 months:

I live in Delmege Park with my partner and young family. We are an ordinary family, who have never been involved in crime and have no associations with those involved in the incidents listed on my log sheet.

Delmege Park is a small estate in Moyross. There are approximately 120 occupied houses in the estate. I believe about 40 houses are now vacant. Many people have moved out recently and if I was in a position I would move also.

Due to the unbelievable number of events that have taken place recently I decided to keep a log of events, which I personally witnessed or have heard (gun fire / people’s terrified responses etc) in the last few weeks.

The following list is unfortunately not exhaustive but is what I logged and remember. There have been numerous incidents, which I can’t recall exact details of so I haven’t listed them. Below is my log to the best of my memory.

8th September Gardai petrol bombed by groups of youths
9th September Gardai petrol bombed again by groups of youths. Trouble began about 22.30 and lasted until around 02.30am.
9th September house burned out in Pineview Gardens
10 September Gavin and Millie Murray almost incinerated in their mother’s car
Bungalow petrol bombed in Pineview.
17 September Frankie Ryan shot dead yards from my house.
22 September – 5 separate shooting incidents in Delmege Park
23 September peace rally Limerick City hall
24 September House attacked and later a woman and 14 year old shot and injured
27 September residents meeting in community centre- many promises
30 September arms find Delmege Park

3rd October Arms find Delmege park
8th October Sheila Murray’s home attacked
10th October drive by shooting- young lad shot
Woman crashes car into garden fence after firework thrown at her- forgot date
11th October arms find Delmege
12th October Bomb squad – area sealed off
18th October Pat Kenny meets 3 young lads with weapons
27th October 51 Delmege Park shot up.
31October - petrol bombs attacks in Delmege at least 2 houses attacked.

Early October 2pm day time shots fired from Pineview to Delmege, just as kids on way home from school.Car hit by bullet same day- I believe there was kids in car at time
Next days 4pm shots again fired from Pineview.

01 November 63 Delmege burned out
3rd November Shots fired Delmege Park
2nd or 3rd November House petrol bombed.
05 November gun found on the bus to City centre.
5 November machine guns fired minimum 30-40 shots fired 3 cars and 4 houses hit in Delmege Park.
9th November 11.55pm shots fired.
10th November 11.05pm robbed car stopped with a stinger
11th November shot fired 20.20pm Delmege Park
14th November 00.10am 6 shots fired, 25 minutes later 8-10 shots fired
15th November 22.35 2 shots fired at a house after bricks thrown window Delmege Park.
17th November house shot at Delmege Park.
19th November 5.05am shots fired in Delmege Park

Car fired at as driving through the estate. Not 100% of date early November.

In the period of this log there have been a number of others burned.
A large number of houses in my estate are now vacant as those who can have left the area.

I can honestly say that I have forgotten many events that have taken place.

We now live in a situation whereby we are unable to let ours kids out to play as we are genuinely in fear for their lives.

Dated 20th November

Shocking to read I must say. Mr Quinlivan again implores people to report crime when they see it,
I am personally very concerned that some people now feel that there is no point in reporting even serious crime. I would urge all people who witness crime to report it to the Garda and urge the Gardai here in the city to re examine their approach to the collection of crime figures.

Shooting incident in Moyross

Investigations are underway into a shooting incident which occurred in Moyross in the early hours of Thursday.

At approximately 2.20 am, a single shot was fired through the front sitting-room window of a house at Delmege Park.

Nobody was injured and the scene was sealed off for technical examination to be carried out today.

Detective Superintendent appointed for Gang crime

The Limerick Garda division is set to receive a new Detective Superintendent to deal specifically with Gang crime.

Minister of State Tim O`Malley made the announcement yesterday stating that he ‘received assurances of the appointment from the Tanaiste and Justice Minister Michael McDowell at a meeting’

Live95fm reports that the new Detective Superintendent would co-ordinate efforts to combat gang crime in Limerick.

Gardai investigate Dublin Murder’s Limerick link

The Irish Examiner is reporting this morning that the McCarthy-Dundon gang are suspected of carrying out the murder of Latvian woman Baiba Saulite(right) who was shot dead in Dublin last Sunday.

Jimmy Woulfe writes in an Examiner exclusive how the major investigation into the murder of the mother of two is starting to veer towards the south-side of Limerick city, towards the notorious McCarthy-Dundon gang.

More from the Examiner,

The Irish Examiner has learned that the McCarthy-Dundon gang may have carried out the murder in return for a contract they put out in Limerick on a member of their rival Keane-Collopy gang earlier this year. Gardaí prevented that murder when they arrested a heavily armed non-national hitman in Limerick who was travelling towards the St Mary’s Park stronghold of the Keane-Collopy gang.

That arrangement was brokered with a Latvian gang leader who has ties to the McCarthy-Dundon gang. The non-national gunman was arrested after a major garda surveillance operation.

He was armed with a gun and gardaí believe he was on his way to murder a member of the Keane-Collopy gang on the orders of his Latvian boss at the request of his McCarthy-Dundon jail mate. Before the Latvian hitman was arrested near Limerick city centre, he met up with members of the McCarthy-Dundon gang in Limerick after he travelled earlier in the day from Dublin. He switched cars in the Ballinacurra Weston area and was given directions about the location of the intended victim’s residence.

A Flashback: Ibrihme Hassan , Matta Chahwan and another member of the McCarthy-Dundon gang were arrested on Edward street picking up a Sphinx semi-automatic pistol to carry out the hit.

Back to the Examiner,

Gardaí believe the Latvian gang leader wanted to have Baiba Saulite murdered and his new McCarthy-Dundon ally agreed to have his gang carry out the murder as a favour for the botched contract in Limerick.

The McCarthy Dundons have already strong long-established links with another international gang, the Yardies in the north of England. The Jamaican expatriate gang have supplied the McCarthy Dundons with a sizeable arsenal of automatic guns which they have used in the ongoing Limerick feud.

A description of the prime suspect in the murder was layed before us in the Independent today,

Gardai are not yet clear whether the gunman was a non-national or a member of a local crime gang that had been hired out to carry out the contract killing. But they are in no doubt about the identity of the organiser, whom they described as a particularly nasty criminal.

"He is evil," one experienced investigator said earlier this week. "One of the most cold blooded and ruthless individuals that we have encountered in a couple of decades."

The mother of two from Latvia, was killed as she stood in the hallway of her home at Holywell Square in Swords on Sunday last.

Appeal for Taxi driver to come forward after stabbing

Information is being sought from the public after a man was stabbed in Raheen over the weekend.

In a violent attack a young man suffered a punctured lung after he was stabbed several times near Raheen church around 3am.He had just left the Grange when he was attacked.

Gardai are in particular appealing to a taxi driver who may have information in connection with the incident. They believe the Taxi driver pulled up and had a conversation with the man before driving off.

Gardai would like the taxi driver to come forward.

Man arrested over croom murder

Gardai announced today that they have arrested a man in connection with the killing of Liam Donovan on November 4th.

The 20 year old suspect was arrested around 7.30am this morning and is from the Croom area. He is being detained under Section 4 of the Criminal Justice Act.

Liam Donovan, who was in his late 50's and single was stabbed by an intruder outside his home.

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Teens make escape bid form court

Two youths made a bid for freedom last night after they escaped the custody of the Gardai.

The pair were appearing at a sitting of the children’s court on Merchants Quay around 5pm when they legged it up Nicholas Street still in their handcuffs.

They were quickly apprehended by a Garda sergeant who gave chase.

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Limerick has more Euromillions success

There is a second Limerick Euromillions ticket holder among us who will be claiming big bucks after Lotto HQ in Dublin confirmed today that a second winning ticket worth over €97,000 was also sold in Limerick city.

The ticket was purchased in Johnsey's shop in Kileely the week leading up to last Friday’s mega jackpot Euromillions draw.

The owner of Johnsey's shop, John Moloney says he hopes the winner was local,

"We haven't heard a word about it, just confirmation from the National Lottery that the ticket was sold here. I have no idea if it was a syndicate or a single person but we all hope it was somebody local"
Limerick is now the Euromillions capital of Europe.Im off to buy a ticket for the next draw...

New Book says Limerick safer than Waterford

A new book which discusses violent deaths in Ireland has apparently found that Limerick despite it’s blood-spattered family and drug feuds is actually safer than many other counties in Ireland,( but we knew that already).


Homicide: Murder and Manslaughter in Ireland, deals with facts and statistics over the past forty years.It shows that there are ten times as many murder and manslaughter cases in the country today than in the 1960`s.

The books co-author John burke says that if you take gangland killings out of the equation, Waterford tops the list for violent fatalities

The book on

Monday, November 20, 2006

Southill continues to spiral out of control

Despite an extra Garda presence in Southill Sunday following a shooting incident which left a 24 year old man injured, the violence continues with more reports of trouble in the area.

Gardai say that following the shooting of David Leamy Late Saturday night, two hrs later a house was petrol bombed. Then , Shortly afterwards a house that had been shot at twice previously had its windows smashed in.

The unrest continued into 4.45am where a man fired shots from a house that was coming under attack. As Gardai arrived at the scene they came under attack with bottles and bricks.

Around the same time, Gardai arrested 19-year-old Alan Kelly(left) after he made death threats to a Garda and another man in the area. He appeared before a sitting of District court today and was remanded to appear again on Wednesday.

Limerick Euromillions winner named

The Co. Limerick Ticket Holder who scooped €9.6m in the Euromillions draw last Friday night has been named today as Tom Flynn, a married plumber and father of three in his late 50s.

It’s thought he fled his house in Foynes yesterday to escape media attention.

UPDATE: It has emerged that Mr.Flynn did not claim his €9.6m prize today in Dublin.

Sunday, November 19, 2006

Man injured after shooting in O Malley Park

A 24 year old man is recovering in the Limerick Regional Hospital today after he was shot last night.

A gunman approached the man in the O Malley park area around 1.30am and fired two shots hitting the victim in the neck and leg. The attacker fled as emergency services arrived on the scene.The victim was attacked as he got out of his car near a house in Southill.

Gardai at Roxboro are investigating the incident and are looking for two men in relation to the attack.

Saturday, November 18, 2006

Limerick winner of Euromillions jackpot

Twenty Two people across Europe picked up €9.5 million each in last nights Euromillions lottery and one of the winning tickets was bought in Limerick.

The lucky Co. Limerick person purchased their ticket in a shop in the village of Foynes, at the Costcutters supermarket on Main Street.It was a quick pick.

However they will have to wait until Monday when Lotto HQ Dublin opens again to claim there prize.

The winning numbers were 12, 22, 32, 33 and 36. The Lucky Star numbers were 2 and 6.

Friday, November 17, 2006

Film about paedophile Limerick priest shortlisted for Oscar nomination

A documentary style film about a paedophile priest form Limerick has been shortlisted along with fifteen others for possible Oscar nomination.

The Independent reports that 'Deliver Us From Evil’, directed by Amy Berg shows footage of 60 year old O'Grady(left) ogling young children in Merrion Square and at a Dublin school.

More from the Independent :
O'Grady (60), from Limerick, admitted in the film he still got aroused at the sight of children and showed no remorse for abusing 25 children when he was a parish priest in California. He was deported back to Ireland after serving seven years in a Californian prison for molesting two boys.

Gardai believe that the shamed cleric has since fled the country, possibly to France, and may be en route to Canada.

The plot of the Film from the Internet Move Database :

Moving from one parish to another in Northern California during the 1970s, Father Oliver O'Grady quickly won each congregation's trust and respect. Unbeknownst to them, O'Grady was a dangerously active pedophile that Church hierarchy, aware of his predilection, had harbored for over 30 years, allowing him to abuse countless children. Juxtaposing an extended, deeply unsettling interview with O'Grady himself with the tragic stories of his victims, filmmaker Amy Berg bravely exposes the deep corruption of the Catholic Church and the troubled mind of the man they sheltered

Read a New York Post Review

That would be a great image boost for the city now wouldn't it!! *

* sarcasam

Murdered man buried as another is released without charge

The funeral of murdered 26-year-old Thomas Moran took place yesterday from Holy Family Church, Southill with burial in Mount Saint Oliver's Cemetery.

Fr. Pat Hogan told the congregation gathered that the person who murdered the dad of one put themselves into a world of shame and in turn a world of death.

He explained,
"Whoever is responsible for Thomas' death also died on Sunday night, because you cannot raise your hand against another person and take his life without putting yourself into the world of shame, which is a world of death. Peace died for those who loved Thomas and hope within the community also died"
The priest also informed that gathering that he himself knew the victim,

"It is difficult for me to come to terms with the killing of someone I have known, so I cannot even begin to imagine what it is like for family but they can be assured of our compassion and support"
In the meantime it has emerged that a man who was arrested in relation to the murder last Sunday has been released without charge.

Thomas Moran was found violently murdered late Sunday night on waste ground on the Southside of the city


Ambulance crew attacked in Southill

Two Limerick ambulance crew members are recovering this morning after they were attacked in the Southill area last night.

The crew were responding to reports of a drunken 14 year old girl in the area when they were set upon by three men.

RTE reports that one of the crew had to receive hospital treatment for a minor head injury.


Michael Walsh, from the Health Services Executive, said: "We are very distressed at the attack on our ambulance crew. . . . the bottom line is that we are dependent on the decency of the public in situations where our ambulance personnel have to go in situations like this in an attempt to save life."

Thursday, November 16, 2006

Heroin seized in Southill search

Gardai have carried out another drugs bust in Southill today

RTE Reports today that an estimated €200,000 worth of heroin has been seized in an operation in the area.

A firearm, shotgun cartridges and stun grenades were found in the search which is part of the ongoing investigation into the murder of Thomas Moran last Sunday.

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Limerick YouTube madness

Doing my usual rounds on Youtube this week I noted the following Limerick clips.

Remember two weeks I referred to this crowd form the UL laughing society who was uploading a spoof soap based on the grounds of the University of Limerick. Well, this week they have only gone and convinced Irish stand up comic Joe Rooney to participate in their latest episode, (Rooney appears near the end of the clip).
Check that out here

Next is a clip which I saw over on Limerick Blogger also. A clip claiming to show burnt out cars and joyriding taking place in the Thomandgate area of Limerick. Charming...
Go here for that crap

Moving along quite swiftly. This group of Limerick youths have a video of themselves “assaulting” Des Bishop, Hector and some other well known fella while they were appearing at events in Limerick.
Link here

Finally, what in the name of gawd is going on in this clip? A group of lads from Limerick on a tube train in London singing very interesting songs and scaring the locals while very clearly drunk.Songs they tried to sing include Sean South from Garryowen and for some strange reason,The Rock and Roll kids?
Smashed on a tube train is here.

Families agree to move in to €2m complex

11 months after it was completed, a €2million halting site located in Castletroy has finally been filled.

The O'Reilly, McCarthy and Ryan Traveler families had refused to move in because the new facility does not have stables for the horses which the families own. The families felt they were being denied their culture and were not having their rights respected.This week however the families agreed to move in.

Spokeswoman for the families said,
“Horses are hugely important to the families there and they wanted to have proper stabling to care for the horses.”

On hearing the news, senior executive officer with Limerick County Council’s housing department, Mary Fogarty said,
“We have made it clear we would not be providing stabling accommodation for horses, but we agreed to build a small hard stand where they can tackle up their horses”

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Gardai call in bomb squad over Firework

On edge Limerick Gardai got all worked up yesterday after they found a suspicious device close to where the body of Thomas Moran was found.

The leader reports that Gardai were performing searches around the area in relation to the murder when they discovered what they said was a “grenade type device”

The Army bomb disposal crew were called in who in turn informed the Gardai that it was just a firework.

An Army spokesman said,

“The Bomb Disposal unit determined it to be a non fatal pyrotechnic device which posed no immediate threat. The item was then removed from the scene and brought to Collins Barracks where it will undergo further examination.”

Two NI developers get Opera go-ahead.

The Belfast Telepraph is reporting today that two Northern Ireland based property Developers have been given the go ahead to build the much talked about Oprea shopping centre.

From the Telegraph,

The complex will employ 1,200 people once opened and over 500 will be employed during its construction. Mr Sharma, CEO of Regeneration Developments, said: "I am
pleased that the planning authorities have approved the application for the Opera Centre. "Limerick has had its share of difficulties and bad press over the last decade. However, it is clear to anyone who does business there that the city has turned the corner. "Our investment of almost £170m demonstrates our commitment and confidence in what is becoming Ireland's fastest growing city.""While Northern Ireland investors do not traditionally focus on the Republic, and those that do usually invest in Dublin, opportunities like that in Limerick means that investors can still get well ahead of the curve.

"We are happy to fly the flag for Northern Ireland investors in the Republic."
Belfast-based valuer and surveyor Gary McDonnell, who has worked with Regeneration Developments on the project since its inception, said: "We have been working on this project over a period of years and we are very excited now that full planning permission has been granted. "City centre locations of this quality and with this access to a young and growing population are unusual and there is a significant level of interest in the Opera Centre from retailers in Ireland, the UK and Europe."

The article also gives some background as to haw the shopping centre got it’s name, “Opera Centre”.

The Opera Centre has been named in honour of Limerick's Catherine Hayes, a 19th century opera singer of world renown. The singer's home, which is part of the development site, will be refurbished to its original glory and presented to the Limerick Civic Trust to add to the city's heritage offering.

Bock will be interested in that last bit

Man arrested over Moran murder

Gardai announced today that they have arrested a man in relation to the murder of 26 year old Thomas Moran(left) on Sunday night.

Gardai made the arrest this morning while investigating the death of the local Southill man. The arrested man who is in his 30's is being held at Roxboro Garda station under section 30 of the offences against the state act.

Mr. Moran was found brutally murdered late Sunday night.Gardai now believe the victim was lured to the area under false pretences.

Monday, November 13, 2006

Limerick xmas lights to be switched on tonight

Limerick’s city centre Christmas lights will be switched on this evening.

The ceremony will be conducted at 5.30pm on O Connell Street.Mayor Joe Leddin will be on hand along with a "special" local Limerick "celebrity" to flick the switch. Other street entertainment will be on show also as everyone is invited to attend.

UPDATE: The "special" local Limerick "celebrity" turned out to be little 5 year old Jordan Crawford, the child who was injured in a shooting outside his family home in Southill in Limerick city last Sunday night.

From Irish Independent
In a bid to help the toddler get over his ordeal, Limerick mayor Joe Leddin asked Jordan to turn on the €200,000 lighting display.

"Jordan, like any five-year-old, should be eagerly looking forward to Christmas and Santa, and because of the horrific incident that this brave boy was caught up in, we wanted to show him that Christmas is still full of magic," Mr Leddin said.

"Hopefully, turning on the lights will be a memorable event for Jordan, and one that will erase some of the negative memories of the past week."

Jordan's mother, Olivia Crawford, said he was delighted when he was told that he had been chosen for the job.

"He was thrilled when he heard the news. It's a big treat for Jordan and it brought back the whole magic of Christmas again for him," she said.

Man found shot dead

The body of a man who was shot dead has been found on waste ground in John Carew Park, on the Southside of the city.

Gardai discovered the body of Thomas Moran around 2am this morning with what looked to be gunshot wounds.

Radio reports say the body of the man in his twenties was discovered next to a vacant house which had been set on fire.Gardai were investigating that fire at the house along with the Fire service when the came upon the body.

The scene has been preserved for a technical examination.The man was known to Gardai but they say at this early stage that his death was not feud related.

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NewsWire is Back

Back from New York and should be posting again fairly soon. My god jet lag is a pain in the hole.I was trying to keep up with what was going on in Limerick over the week.From shootings to drug finds and car crashes to controversy ...just another normal week in Limerick then.

I better go get informed again...

Saturday, November 04, 2006

The NewsWire will be out of action for a week as this Blogger is heading off to on a well deserved break to New York Sunday.

Should be back blogging the goings-on of Limerick again on Monday 13th or there abouts.

Two shootings and a high speed car chase.

It was a busy night in Limerick city last night with reports today of two shooting incidents in which one ended up with a high speed car chase.

Gardai arrested four youths after a car chase following a shooting in Carew Park last night. The emergency response unit pursued the youths after they sped away form the scene of the shooting. The chase lasted an hour before they were apprehended on the cork road.

In a second incident shots were fired at a van on Hyde Road late last night. Nobody was injured in either shooting.

Man found dead outside house

The body of a man who was stabbed to death has been found in Croom, Co. Limerick

The body of the man in his 50's or 60's was found on the footpath outside his house just off the main street in the town around 7.30 am this morning. Gardai have sealed off the area and a full technical examination of the area is due to be carried out.

RTE reports the man received a number of injuries.

Locals in the area say the man was stabbed to death.Gardaí at Askeaton are investigating and anyone with information is asked to contact the Garda station at 061-601631 or 061-601630.

Friday, November 03, 2006

€30,000 clean up bill for Bus Eireann

Bus Éireann have said that the total cost of the damage some city busses sustained on Tuesday night will be in the region of €30,000.

Speaking to the Limerick Leader, Regional manager of Bus Éireann, Miriam Flynn, said,

"We decided at 7 O’clock to withdraw our services because at that stage we had five or six buses off the road. The safety of our passengers and staff was our main concern," said Miss Flynn. Bus services returned to normal this Wednesday morning as engineers and management at Bus Éireann were left counting the costs of another Halloween. Gardai have confirmed that a number of privately operated buses were also targeted on Tuesday night. In one incident a bus carrying students to a disco was targeted on Saint Nessan's Road in Dooradoyle.”

The photo(above) shows Mayor Joe Leddin inspecting one of the damaged busses.
Photo:Limerick Leader

Man who fell 30ft improving

A quick update on the status of a Polish man who fell form the second window of a building on Henry Street on Tuesday night.

Gardai have now ruled out foul play and are satisfied nobody else was involved. Investigators are hoping to speak to the 23 year old as soon as he is well enough.

The young man fell suffered multiple injuries to his head and body after the fall around 6.45pm Halloween night.

Bedlam in court holding cells

"There was blood and chicken and chips all over the wall. The place was covered"

Limerick solicitor John Devane is calling for prisoner holding cells at the District court to be upgraded after a series of fights over the last few days.

He says that a number of people attached to the city feud have been fighting in the holding cells while awaiting court appearances.

Speaking to Live95FM,

“The holding facilities in the cells are absolutely tiny; you wouldn’t swing a cat inside in them. And they’re expected at times to hold maybe 12 -15 people and yesterday you have a situation where in one of the cells, there was a person accused of murder was put into a cell with a number of others and bedlam broke loose.”
Today’s Independent reports that prisoners assaulted each other with chicken and chips while locked in adjacent cells,

Despite being brought to the court building at Merchant's Quay in the city centre in separate prison escorts, all three were placed in the same cell underneath the courtroom while they awaited their court appearances.

A fight in the cell ensued between the two men connected to the Dundon-McCarthy gang and the other individual. Authorities rushed to intervene and break up the feuding factions. In the courtroom, Judge Tom O'Donnell kept progressing with the day's legal proceedings despite the loud disturbances emanating from the cells.

One of the men, aged 23 from Moyross, was moved into an adjacent cell as gardai broke up the brawl. He suffered bruises to the face and body while his two opponents were left with a wounded eye and the other suffered a bust lip.

Thursday, November 02, 2006

Two shootings in Southill

There has been two shooting incidents in which houses were fired at in Limerick tonight.

A woman in her twenties was injured in one of the shootings which were both in the Southill area(left). She was taken to the mid western regional hospital but her injuries are not thought to be serious.

Both shootings occurred within moments of each other around 8.15pm.

Gardai are investigating the incidents.

Government insists McCabe killers not due early release

Movement in the Gerry McCabe story today.

Following is from the Irish Times,

The killers of Detective Garda Jerry McCabe are not entitled to early release under the terms of the Belfast Agreement, the Government argued before the High Court today. The Minister for Justice has "wide discretion" in deciding what prisoners may or may not be specified for early release and the Government was entitled to exercise this discretion in relation to Det McCabe's killers, Mr Donal O'Donnell SC argued.

Mr O'Donnell said that the Belfast Agreement is an international political agreement between the British and Irish governments and neither Pearse McAuley nor Jeremiah Sheehy were parties to that Agreement. They therefore had no entitlement to seek performance of any its provisions nor could they complain about alleged non-performance of it.

They were not entitled to release either under the Agreement nor the Criminal Justice (Release of Prisoners) Act 1998, Mr O'Donnell continued. McAuley and Sheehy claim that political and policy considerations were denying them early release. But Mr O'Donnell said the entire context of the Agreement and the criteria for release of prisoners was political.

If policy and political considerations had not applied, the 57 prisoners released to date following the ratification of the Agreement would not have been freed. Mr O'Donnell was making submissions in the continuing hearing before Mr Justice Daniel Herbert of the challenge by McAuley and Sheehy to their continuing imprisonment.

They claim the refusal of early release breaches their rights under the Constitution, the Belfast Agreement and the European Convention on Human Rights, and unjustly discriminates against them.

They say the failure to release them involves the application of a "consistent government policy" that the prisoner release scheme will not apply to any person involved in the incident in Co Limerick in 1996 in which Det McCabe was killed and his colleague, Det Garda Ben O'Sullivan, was injured. In submissions on their behalf earlier today, Mr Patrick Dillon-Malone BL argued that the two men could not be excluded from the early release scheme except by legislation to that effect.

The absence of such legislation meant failure to specify the men as qualifying prisoners was unlawful and breached their rights under the European Convention on Human Rights, he said. McAuley, originally from Strabane, Co Tyrone, and Sheehy, from Limerick, were jailed for 14 years and 12 years respectively in early 1999 after pleading guilty at the non-jury Special Criminal Court to the manslaughter of Det Garda McCabe during an attempted robbery outside Adare post office, Co Limerick in June 1996. Kevin Walsh (45) of Patrickswell, Co Limerick also got a 14 year-year jail term in connection with the Adare incident while Michael O'Neill was jailed for 11 years.

John Quinn pleaded guilty to conspiring with other persons to commit robbery and was jailed for six years. In 2004, the Supreme Court rejected a bid by Michael O'Neill and John Quinn to secure their release under the provisions of the Belfast Agreement. The Supreme Court said the government had decided as a matter of policy that persons convicted in connection with Det McCabe's killing would not be freed under the provisions of the Agreement and the government was entitled to make that decision.

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Jury sworn in for murder trial

The Jury has been sworn in today for the case of Derek McNamara , a 39 year old who is charged with the murder of another man outside a pub in the city back in 2004.

On August 9th 2004 Martin O’Donoghue was stabbed to death after a row involving several people spilled out onto Broad Street.

When Gardai arrived at the scene, they found Mr. O'Donoghue with serious stab wounds lying on the street. He was taken to the Midwest Regional Hospital where he died a short time later. The murder weapon was found by Gardai close to the scene shortly after.

The jury of 11 men and 1 woman was sworn in at a sitting of the Criminal Court today and the case is expected to last for two weeks.

Bus services cancelled over rampaging youths

Commuters who rely on Limericks city bus service were left standing like ejits last night (and Bock the Robber will vow for that) at bus stops around the city after Bus Eireann cancelled all routes at 7pm.

The decision was made by officials after rocks missiles and eggs were thrown at some busses during the annual Halloween rampage by youths.

Bus Éireann say they had to take into consideration the safety of their drivers and passengers. Great..the 12 year olds win again.

Two petrol bomb attacks in Moyross

Feud related attacks are continuing in Moyross with reports of two petrol bomb attacks in the space of five minutes last night.

Gardai say they are investigating both attacks on houses in the Delmege Park estate around midnight. Live 95FM reports that nobody was injured in either attack.

It’s believed that the second attack was in retaliation for the first attack. No one has been arrested in relation to either incident.