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Wednesday, June 07, 2006

River Deel project on hold again

Deel or No Deel

Contractors involved in the re-sourcing of the water supply to Palaskenry have been forced to down tools yet again today after protesters defied a court order to cease their protest at the so-called white line.

The Limerick County Council had only recently been granted a High court injunction against seven specific Palaskenry protestors and anyone else who interferers with the process. But that didn’t stop them massing at the work site once again today.

As the workmen once again tried to continue with the digging , protestors shouted “ No Deel water, No Deel water” at the workers.

One resident confronted the contractors and asked them to leave saying,

Gather up your machines and go back to Cork because as far as were concerned, your coming down here, you see those women and children. If we all end up in jail, you’ll be part to blame for this.

An official form the council then arrived at the scene to read the high court injunction against the protesters but they didn’t listen and shouted him down.

Yesterday one of the Rossport five, Michael O’ Shine who spent 94 days in jail for blocking the construction of a gas pipeline in Mayo said he supported the Palaskenry residents saying that all they want is to retain their water supply from bleach lough.

He claimed that it was totally wrong that the Limerick County Council would use the entire weight of the court system against the protestors.So once again the work has stopped and the protestors say they will stay day and night. The next move is now up to the county council.

Workers previously had to stop work in May due to the protests.

Coincidently this picture appeared on the front of the Limerick Independent today. Three lads having a swim in the Bleach Lough during the blistering weather.

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