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Friday, June 02, 2006

Youths have sex in broad daylight say witnesses


The Limerick Post has a fairly scandalous story on its front page today.

They are reporting that two women witnessed three young people having sex in broad daylight on Monday at “poor mans Kilkee” in the city.

The two women say they had just ordered food at the pier one bar when they stepped out onto the designated smoking balcony which looks over the grassy area in question. They said they were shocked when they saw a girl that looked about 14 years old, having sex with one youth before performing oral sex on another.

Gardai say they are investigating reports of gross indecency and are confident of the identity of all three involved.

One eye witness told the Post newspaper,

It was broad daylight and with hundreds of cars passing by on the bridge out of town

Another said,

I was horrified and disgusted .I can’t even bring myself to describe it. It was sick! I am still in disbelief over the whole thing. It was six o’ clock on a sunny evening while hundreds of people were around.

The women said they rang the Gardai in fear for the young girls well being.

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