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Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Council to seek injunction against Palaskenry protesters


The County Council is expected to proceed with an application for an injunction against the protesters and residents of Palaskenry after they halted work on a pipeline project again yesterday.

The project which has been stopped several times before and is designed to re-source the town’s water supply which is currently coming from a local lake. The council wants the towns supply coming from the river Deel. The residents of Palaskenry are having none of it. They say the river is polluted.

Early yesterday when work on the project started again the residents staged a blockade at a white line that they had painted across the road about half a mile from the village where they say the workers will not get past. They stood on front of the digging machines. So Tools had to be put down again.

At this point the protesters knew they were there for the long haul, bringing picnic tables and chairs to the "front line" to stage a sit in. They say they will stay there for as long as it takes for the County council to listen to there calls.

One local resident said

I've had this water all my life. There is no question about the quality of the water so why do we have to fight for it. They have chosen to change it without a consultation process being held here, they had one in the neighboring village.

The council in defense have said it's a supply and demand issue. They say there isn't enough water in the lake to sustain a growing Palaskenry.

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