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Friday, June 13, 2008

Referendum 2008 – Lisbon Treaty

The Irish electorate has rejected the EU Treaty of Lisbon. The final result showed the treaty was defeated by a margin of 53.4% to 46.6% in Thursday's referendum.

Ireland was the only EU country to hold a plebiscite on the issue

Both nationally and here in Limerick, the treaty has suffered a massive defeat at the hands of the people.

Official Results from Limerick are as follows:

Limerick East
Electorate: 76,735
Turnout: 51.4%

54.0% No (21,191)
46.0% Yes (18,085)

Spoiled Votes: 168

Limerick West
Electorate: 57,847
Turnout: 51.8%

55.35% No (16,511)
44.65% Yes (13,318)

Spoiled Votes: 129

Local Reaction

Sinn Fein’s Maurice quinlivan spoke on todays result,

“The people have spoken. They share our concerns about the Lisbon Treaty andbelieve that a better deal is possible. They also share our view thatIreland’s place in Europe is secure. We always believed this was a bad dealfor Ireland and as we are ambitious for Ireland truly believed a better dealwas available. The government now has a clear and strong mandate torenegotiate this Treaty. They need to use the opportunity to get backaround the table with our EU partners and secure a better deal.”

Fine Gael’s TD for Limerick East, Kieran O'Donnell told local press,

”The treaty was not fully explained; there was definitely an anti-governmental vote there. People are now sending out a message to government. We need to sit back and reflect now. The People have spoken today. I think we have to reflect and look at reasons behind why people voted no. It was for a combination of reasons.”

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