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Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Kelly fined €63 for occupying Shebeen

A Limerick man has been found guilty of occupying an unlicensed drink premises in Southill last April and has been handed down a hefty €63.49 fine.

Gardai say 48 year old Anthony Kelly was at the Shebeen which is allegedly run by his brother Francis, at Keyes Park last April when Gardai raided the location.

Judge Tom O Donnell agreed with investigating Gardai today that the drinking house was indeed operated as a "commercial enterprise", something which the owner denies.

O' Donnell said that ‘Ma Kelly’s’ had "all the appearances, vestiges and attributes of a bar, and dare I say it, the ambiance of a bar"

The Judge imposed the maximum fine allowed for the offence committed by Kelly, a £50 old Irish punt fine which he converted to €63.49 and told Kelly he had three months to pay.

Gardai have raided the unlicensed drink premises on numerous occasions seizing large quantities of alcohol, spirits, kegs, taps and fridges.

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