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Thursday, March 19, 2009

Limerick murder trial continues at Cloverhill

The jury in the trial of Gary Campion heard from the prosecutions main witness today as the murder trial entered its second day.

20 year old Erol Ibrahim was sitting in the passenger seat of Frankie Ryans car the night the 21 year old was shot dead and had witnessed to full horror of the murder. He was found at the scene by Garda Angela O`Connor, one of the first Gardai to respond to the scene that night. She told the court she found Mr. Ibrahim near the scene splattered in blood.

In a central moment in the trial, Mr. Ibrahim was asked by prosecution counsel Aileen Donnelly Thursday afternoon to explain the events of the 17th of September 2006. Mr. Ibrahim took to the stand and told the Criminal Court of how he was picked up by Frankie Ryan at his house in Delmege Park where they went off for a spin.

He said it was at Pineview Gardens that the car stopped and another man whom he said he “had never seen before” got into the back seat behind the driver. He said as the car took off again there was “a gunshot from the back of the car”.

He stated to counsel Aileen Donnelly, “I don't know who was in the back of the car."

The jury then heard from Dr Darragh Little who attended the scene just after the shooting. He told the court the wound on Mr Ryan's right temple was consistent with his belief that Mr Ryan was shot “without warning”, from the area in the back of the car.

Gary Campion denies murdering Frankie Ryan. The trial continues next Tuesday.

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