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Monday, February 19, 2007

TD’s concerns over bin scheme

A local TD has described as discriminatory; a new bin wavier scheme that only applies to state pensioners who are living on their own.

Peter Power told the Post this week that the scheme, newly implemented in the county, “discriminates unfairly against married pensioners".

“While I very much welcome the introduction of a limited bin waiver system by the County Council I believe that it should be extended to include married pensioners. Married pensioners face the same financial difficulties that single pensioners do.

The fact that their married partner is still alive does not lessen the impact of expensive service charges on them. Notwithstanding the fact that there are two pensions coming into the household budget each weeks the outgoings are double what they would normally be.

Married pensioners should be entitled to avail of this scheme in the same way as single or widowed pensioners. And it is unfair to discriminate against them simply because one partner has not passed away"
The TD says he has written to the county council asking them to apply the wavier to married pensioners too.

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