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Sunday, December 24, 2006

Limerick Garda –“There is a colossal drugs problem in the city”

"Some communities we will never get it out"

A really Christmassy, cheery article appears in today’s Sunday times outlining how the Gardai are understaffed in the fight against drugs in Ireland…and loosing.

The journalist, who claims to have gotten his hands on a ‘confidential security memo’, goes round the country listing the problems of the major drug areas.

Here’s the snippet on Limerick,

While Gardai will not publicly criticize force management, privately they say the resources allocated to combat drug dealing are “farcical”.

“They are not paying enough attention to the drugs problem,” one Garda said. “Heroin use is spreading so fast and it’s not even being recognized as a problem. It is now available in every county and management is not taking much notice of it.”

A Limerick Garda said: “There is a colossal drugs problem in the city and it is fuelling gun violence and gang feuds. The drugs unit here has just nine officers between day and night shifts. They are not even impacting on the problem, which is now so ingrained in some communities we will never get it out.”

Oh...and enjoy your Christmas...

The Full Sunday Times article
The Garda National Drugs Unit

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