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Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Bonfires set to roar

Bonfires will be roaring across the city and county tonight as people take part in Bonfire night.

The May eve tradition will be held at a number of places around the city and county as the Fire Service prepare for an extremely busy night.

A website which documents Bonfire Customs of the Isle of Ireland describes days gone by,

“The entire population of the district collected round the bush and the fire; the elder portion, men and women, bringing with them chairs or stools, to sit out the wake of the winter and spring, according to the olden usage. The best singers in the crowd lilted up, "The Night before Larry was stretched", or His for de Sweet Libertie"; but the then popular air of "The Baiting of Lord Altham 's Bull", and "De May bush” In limerick city May Eve is still "Bonfire Night" and until recently children in Belfast lit small fires in the side streets in honour of their "May queens"
As per usual, emergency services are pleading with bonfire attendees to take care and especially to watch young children around these dangerous liaisons.

Limerick Fire Service have extinguished a ‘huge’ bonfire at Singland Road in Garryowen, witnesses tell NewsWire.

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