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Friday, August 15, 2008

Gardai concerned over Castletroy ‘Crime Spree’

Gardai in Limerick have confirmed that they are stepping up community policing patrols in Castletroy amid fear of a crime spree in the area.

This weeks Limerick Post carries the story on its front page citing a Garda spokesperson as suggesting that there had been an ‘increase in crime in the general Castletroy district’.

Car vandalism, theft and home intrusions have been noticeably on the increase in the areas of Castletroy and Monaleen. The paper documents two stories of the latter,

“In the first incident, a former student was in her bedroom, which was locked, when intruders tried to open her door. Fearing for her safety and not wanting to leave her room, she rang her friends, who were living across the road, to come and check the house.

When the friends arrived, they saw the intruders rummaging through the living room. They entered the house through the backdoor to disrupt them. They were met by the culprits, who began waving machetes in their faces. The students, fearing for their lives, backed away as the thieves escaped with a number of valuables, including a laptop.

In the second incident, a student was sleeping in her bedroom when two intruders climbed in her window. Uncertain of their intentions, the student let out a scream which sparked the intruders’ swift getaway”
Via Limerick
With incidents particularly among the student accommodations in the area, ULSU president Pa O’Brien told the paper that new students coming to the college for the first time this September need to be made aware of the situation.

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