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Monday, February 09, 2009

Christy Keane to be released from jail today

A prominent Limerick Gang member who was jailed in 2002 is set to be a free man today, rising tensions between rival gangs in the city.

Considered to be the leader of the Keane gang, 47 year old Christy Keane is due to be released from Portlaoise prison this morning after serving the bones of a 10 year sentence for dealing cannabis.
It is understood news of his imminent release has already prompted some residents in Lynwood Park, Singland in Limerick, to move out of the area, while local councillors have appealed for calm.

There have been a number of gang-related incidents in the city in advance of his release from prison, including the burning-out of four vehicles allegedly belonging to the Keane family in different parts of the city three weeks ago. Gardaí fear the return to the city of 48-year-old Keane will do little to quell the feud between the Keane Collopys and the McCarthy Dundons.

There have also been appeals for the Criminal Assets Bureau (CAB) to investigate whether Christy Keane’s house in Singland was bought with the proceeds of crime.
Via Examiner
Before being sent to prison, Keane was considered by many to be the ‘undisputed Godfather of crime’ in Limerick. His brother 36-year-old Kieran Keane was stabbed six times and shot in the head in 2003 while his son, Liam Keane has only just been sent to prison for 10 years on gun charges.

On edge Gardai will undoubtedly monitor Mr. Keane initially following his release as they fear his release may spark fresh violence. One Garda source tells a national newspaper, “if he's just out of prison, he wouldn't want to go back in".

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