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Friday, August 15, 2008

Shebeen still operating despite yet another raid

A Shebeen in the Southill area of the city is up and running again tonight following yet another Garda raid on the premises this week which saw quantities of alcohol seized.

Proprietor Francis Kelly, who runs the bar named 'My Mothers’ from his house in Lilac court apparently had the shelves restocked just hours after a Garda raid Wednesday.

The Examiner also reports Mr. Kelly has acquired the services of solicitor John Devane in an effort to get back drink previously seized in Garda busts.

“Dancing girls have been entertaining people at the Shebeen in recent weeks, and facilities include poker machines, tv and pool.

A team of 10 gardaí from Roxboro Road station under Insp Gerry McNamara carried out Wednesday night’s raid. They arrived at the premises in two garda vans. There was no obstruction of the gardaí as they went about removing crates of beers and spirits.

Gardai intend to go to the district court next month to seek an order to dispose of confiscated drink under the police property act.”
Via Examiner
Since it opened in April of this year the Shebeen has been raided at least 4 times, but to the bemusement of Gardai, always up and running again shortly afterwards.Gardai have stressed though that this latest crackdown is ‘still continuing’.

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