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Sunday, April 20, 2008

Paper brands Limerick 'Murder capital of Europe'

The city of Limerick is waking up to the news this morning that The Sunday Independent has branded our treaty city as the murder capital of Europe.

The paper claims that according to the most recent CSO data, Limerick has a ratio of more than seven killings per 100,000 population, while Glasgow, which previously had the highest murder rate, registered just over 5 killings per 100,000.

The Independent explains,

Figures released by the Minister for Justice, Mr Brian Lenihan show an apparently inexorable rise in homicides involving firearms in Ireland. In the past decade, the annual number of deaths from gunshot wounds has risen fivefold. The worst year to date was 2006 with 26 firearms deaths. With nine already this year, 2008 is showing signs of being another record or near-record year for gun homicides.
The data also shows that the Garda operation 'Anvil', which was set up to target criminal gangs in May 2005, has recovered close to 1,500 firearms to date with 634 of these being seized in Limerick.

Full Article: Limerick is now the official 'murder capital' of Europe - See here.

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